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Utilizzo Pedal Booster da oltre 5 anni, prodotto eccellente. Si è verificata un piccola anomalia un mese fa, risolto in mezza giornata grazie all'ottima assistenza e grazie a Stefano cordiale, preciso, puntuale, ha sostituito il pezzo gratuitamente.Mi sento di consigliarlo sicuramente!
Postato da Opel Astra J DTI 125 cv, marano vicentino (5/5 19-09-2023

Great product! Great customer service!!! I have the Diesel Chipbox installed on my VW Golf Mk5 2.0 TDI 140 HP and it is working great - it is actually doing it's magic and makes the car really fun! ;) This is quality product and it's working 100% as described! Really easy installation and adjustment of the settings. Compared to different products of this kind - this one actually works and it is not only marketing! Most of all I would like to express my appreciation about the Customer Service of Seletron - great people with great knowledge and a lot of patience for the customers' queries. Really helpful!!!
Postato da Boiko Manev - VW Golf V, Sofia, BULGARIA (5/5 02-07-2018

Fast shipping !
Postato da Mavix - A45AMG, Aichi-Japan (5/5 28-07-2016

I've installed Pedal Booster to my Hyundai Starex Van, which comes with electronic throttle and used to suffer from delayed response, precisely because I used to have one with wired throttle and used to have a slightly better response. After I installed this Pedal Booster to my Van with electronic throttle, response has improved greatly, way better than the wired throttle because I can choose from 0 to 100% response. It is useful because this greater response makes turbo spool at even lower RPM than before which makes the car particularly easy to drive and keep nice pace in hill climbs with full passenger load.
Postato da Eduardo M - Hyundai Starex, San Jose, Costa Rica (5/5 16-04-2016

I've installed both Pedal Booster and Chipbox products to my RS and well, it just made this car a hot-hatch rocket!! . Throttle response is instant, turbo lag has been reduced to merely nothing, and power as well as torque has increased roughly 150% dyno tested! Amazing products, thanks!
Postato da Eduardo M - Renault Megane RS II 225, San Jose, Costa Rica (5/5 16-04-2016