# VW 


Do you want to increase the performance of your Volkswagen (VW) without tampering with the engine or the ECU? We provide additional digital chip tuning units specifically to increase the power and torque of your gasoline or diesel car. At the engine level, Volkswagen (VW) has used custom versions of engines similar to those used on AUDI and SEAT, and we have gained significant experience and know-how with VW since the first engines mounted in the ’90s. We remember well the high increases in power and torque (and consequently the greater acceleration and recovery) we achieved on the legendary GOLF (third and fourth series) 1900TDI 4-cylinder, initially offered at 90 and 110hp, both electronically powered with controlled rotary injection pumps and different supercharging types: a waste-gate turbine on the 90hp version and a VNT (variable geometry) turbocharger on the more powerful 110hp. Subsequently, Golf, Passat, Sharan, and the New Beetle received engines powered by injector-pump systems, with 101, 115, 130, and 150hp for the 4-cylinder 1900cc, and 140-170hp and other declinations of power on the 2-liter subsequent generations. Excellent performance increases were also achieved on Volkswagen (VW) naturally-aspirated gasoline and turbo-gasoline engines, such as the TFSI - TSI - TGI for Golf GTI, Golf R and T-ROC, and also notable increases on Tiguan and Touareg. Not to mention, also on the more modern Diesel common rail 1600 and 2000cc engines, and on the Diesel common-3000 V6 rails available in various power options. The assembly is quick and straightforward, just connect simple connectors, similar to the original ones, to the wiring of the car without any further modifications, and receive an increase of torque, guaranteed power, and a reduction of your Volkswagen (VW)’s consumption. A product made 100% in Italy.

In addition, you can also install our PEDALBOOSTER® without making any modifications. What is it? PEDALBOOSTER® is the additional control unit for the accelerator pedal developed to improve acceleration and eliminate the throttle valve delay, incredibly increasing driving pleasure. The performance tuning module connects in a few minutes directly to the electronic accelerator pedal via the original connectors, making your car feel extremely responsive while you’re at the wheel. PEDALBOOSTER® is available for TDI, TSI, TGI, etc.! We offer the best Volkswagen (VW) additional chip tuning units for the Polo, Golf, Jetta, Passat, Sharan, New Beetle, T- Roc, T-Cross, Tuareg, Touran, Tiguan, and also the commercial models. Remember: + acceleration + recovery + speed + elasticity! All without tampering with the engine or the ECU. Trust SELETRON.