# Lancia 


Discover the best additional control units for Lancia engines. Our development of additional control units for Lancia common rail engines began years ago, starting from models with the 1900JTD 105hp mounted on Lybra, and the 2400JTD 5-cylinder engine mounted on Lancia K, engines that achieved excellent power and torque increases with low power consumption. Today, we provide the highest technology for both petrol and turbodiesel Lancia Models, with high-performance microprocessor controllers that can simultaneously manage the common rail system and the pressure of the turbocharger. These chip tuning units provide excellent results on all Lancia engines, are easy to assemble, and do not require engine modifications. Numerous internal digital maps and various digital adjustments allow an increase in power and torque with maximum reliability. The 1300mjet is one of the most popular engines, with many different levels of power like 69, 75, 85, 90, and 105hp. Many Lancia group cars mount this engine type, which has an excellent margin of increase with reduced consumption and no exhaust fumes.

You can also install our PEDALBOOSTER® without making any modifications. What is it? PEDALBOOSTER® is the additional control unit for the accelerator pedal developed to improve acceleration and eliminate the throttle valve delay, incredibly increasing driving pleasure. The performance tuning module connects in a few minutes directly to the electronic accelerator pedal via the original connectors, making your car feel extremely responsive while you’re at the wheel. PEDALBOOSTER® is available for both petrol and turbodiesel cars! If you want to increase the performance of your LANCIA, search for your specific model, and have a look at our kits for increasing your power, torque, and engine response!