# Jaguar 


E-PACE, F-PACE, F-TYPE, S-TYPE, XE, XF, XJ, XK, X-TYPE the prestigious JAGUAR models on which you can increase performance and the driving pleasure through additional kits developed over 20 years of experience and tests. High level Made in Italy technology which doesn’t require any tinkering with the engine of your JAGUAR or the engine management ECU! You can order a kit the with specific instructions for simple assembly on your JAGUAR. The kit consists of a digital chip tuning unit suitably programmed for the specific needs of your car, with quick-release wiring that will allow you to quickly install it. Without having to modify any original part or cutting any wires, you will have the possibility to bring the engine back to the original state at any time and without leaving any traces. The result is immediate; a highly increased power and drive torque is immediately obtained, both on petrol and Diesel models, will allow you to reduce acceleration, to optimize fuel consumption and have an improved driving pleasure. In addition to increasing the maximum horsepower and available Nm, a second kit (also installable without any modification) will allow you to make the engine more responsive. We are talking about PEDALBOOSTER®, the additional chip tuning unit for the accelerator pedal developed to improve acceleration and eliminate the throttle valve delay, incredibly increasing driving pleasure. The performance tuning module connects in a few minutes directly to the electronic accelerator pedal via the original connectors, making your car feel extremely responsive while you’re at the wheel. PEDALBOOSTER® is available for both petrol cars and turbodiesel! In summary, if you are looking for a clean and fast way to increase the power and torque of your JAGUAR with the ability to restore everything quickly and without tinkering with mechanical or electronic parts, choose our kits; We will provide you everything you’ll need for an easy installation, the latest generation additional control unit, high quality automotive wiring with original plugs, complete specific instructions for your E-PACE, F-PACE, F -TYPE, S-TYPE, XE, XF, XJ, XK or X-TYPE and a serious and punctual assistance service. For best performances on your JAGUAR, order the PEDALBOOSTER® kit along side the additional power unit CHIPBOX® (for both Diesel and petrol).