# Hyundai 


Looking for a smart system to increase the power and torque of your HYUNDAI? HYUNDAI common rail engines are very popular, and one of the engines we receive the most requests for is the 1700CRDI 115hp and the 136hp. For these diesel common rails, we offer the maximum technology through an additional high-performance digital chip tuning unit that can simultaneously manage the common rail system of the HYUNDAI engine and the turbocharger pressure. This chip tuning unit provides excellent results on HYUNDAI common rails with varying turbocharger setups. Numerous internal digital maps and various digital adjustments allow for high increases in power with maximum reliability. The assembly takes place quickly without any modifications necessary. In fact, all you have to do is hook the motor up to the dedicated wiring using the original connectors by following the illustrated installation manual that always comes in the kit. SELETRON supplies the best additional control units for your HYUNDAI, and they are 100% made in Italy.

You can also install our PEDALBOOSTER® without making any modifications. What is it? PEDALBOOSTER® is the additional control unit for the accelerator pedal developed to improve acceleration and eliminate the throttle valve delay, incredibly increasing driving pleasure. The performance tuning module connects in a few minutes directly to the electronic accelerator pedal via the original connectors, making your car feel extremely responsive while you’re at the wheel. PEDALBOOSTER® is available for both petrol and turbodiesel engines! If you want to increase the performance of your HYUNDAI, search for your specific model, and have a look at our kits for increased power, torque, and engine response.