#Chip tuning unit for diesel and petrol

Seletron designs and manufactures additional control units to increase the power and improve the performance on Petrol and Diesel engine. The performance chip tuning modules created by Seletron are perfectly safe, fully produced in Italy, and tested under different conditions. What are you waiting for? Choose your car’s brand, select the model, and discover which additional chip tuning unit is right for you!

Whether you drive an ABARTH, ALFA ROMEO, AUDI, BMW, CITROEN, FIAT, FORD, HYUNDAI, MERCEDES, RENAULT, SEAT, SKODA, VW, or any other brand of vehicle, Seletron can offer you an additional chip tuning unit specially designed for your engine. That is not all. Whether you have a diesel, petrol, LPG, methane, or hybrid engine, Seletron has a performance tuning module designed to perfectly suit your car, and it comes already specially mapped.

The main advantage of Seletron’s chip tuning modules is that they improve engine settings without permanently modifying the engine. Unlike remapping, which makes permanent and traceable changes, the chip tuning modules are completely removable at any time. Each chip control unit arrives with a special kit containing all the materials and information necessary, not only for a quick and autonomous installation but also for easy and fast removal that can be completed by anyone, not just experts. In just a few minutes, your vehicle can be returned to its original factory settings, which is vital for maintenance under warranty. This, however, is not possible after a remapping procedure. All additional control units for increasing power, besides being removable, can also be deactivated in a few seconds using the switch or the remote.

If you trust Seletron, choose CHIPBOX®, the chip tuning module, suitable for all motors, which increases the power of your vehicle by up to 30%. Thanks to proper fuel management and turbine pressure, CHIPBOX® allows you to increase the power, and, by increasing the available torque in the mean rpm at which cars are normally driven, it allows you to shift earlier into higher gears with fewer changes, reducing fuel consumption by up to 10%.

Alternatively, you could opt for PEDALBOOSTER®, the performance tuning module that increases the power of the electronic accelerator pedal up to 100%. PEDALBOOSTER® connects through the original connectors in just a few minutes, optimizing the acceleration, increasing pedal sensitivity, and eliminating throttle valve delay. When purchasing, you can decide if you prefer PEDALBOOSTER® TOUCH or PEDALBOOSTER® CONNECT. The first is equipped with the exclusive TOUCH control that allows you to choose between three different preset modes and the PLUS mode, which can be customized to your preferences. Instead, the pedal accelerator module PEDALBOOSTER® CONNECT allows you to interact with the additional control unit directly from your smartphone. Simply download the free app and connect it to your CHIPBOX®, extremely easy and fast, no matter where you are. PEDALBOOSTER® will surprise you with an exceptional increase in driving pleasure.

Instead, if you want to control the sound of your car, choose EVC-SPORT, the electronic control unit that interfaces directly with the exhaust valve, allowing you to control electronically the opening and closing of the valve. EVC-SPORT is the perfect solution for obtaining a more powerful sound.

No matter which additional control unit you choose, you are buying a guaranteed Italian product of safe and certified quality, which has been tested and inspected. It can be installed in just a few minutes, by anyone, without needing professional assistance, by using the illustrated manual, or by watching the numerous tutorials available on the internet created by Seletron for our clients.