#Chip tuning for Seat Leon IV motore 1.5TSI 130cv

07 / March 2022
Chip tuning for Seat Leon IV motore 1.5TSI 130cv

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Seat Leon IV 1.5TSI 130hp engine tuning

You can tell it is turbocharged! You can clearly see it by the fact that with our chip tuning additional module, we got a maximum torque increase of 58Nm, and that's on a 4-cylinder 1500! But let's start from the beginning, which is how this fourth-series Leon, powered by one of the1500TSI power versions, drives.


How does the standard Seat Leon IV engine 1.5TSI 130hp drive

The car we are talking about has a 6-speed manual transmission and has a mass of about 1240kg, which is not too heavy of a vehicle from which, frankly, we would have expected a bit more punch in acceleration. The top speed is not bad: 205 km/h is the measured figure, not too exhilarating for a modern TSI 1500 but not low either. The acceleration, on the other hand, given the mass of not much more than 12 quintals, is perhaps a tad weak. After all, it has 130 hp and could do better, but the data detected after a few tests does not seem to deviate much from 9.5 seconds. What can be done to improve the situation?


How to improve the power of the Seat Leon IV 1.5TSI 130hp engine?

Our electronic tuning involves the easy installation of one of the CHIPBOX add-on chip tuners, the digital one created to manage the gasoline injection systems and turbochargers installed on the TSIs of the VAG group, and used obviously also by Seat. This 4-cylinder has good potential, plus it is also available (mounted on other versions of the Leon) with a 150hp output and a maximum torque of 250Nm. In general, TSIs and TFSIs have very good margins of increase, and this Leon also does well, as shown by the +29hp and especially the +58Nm of engine torque.

The standard engine has the maximum torque (200 Nm) available even at a speed around 1400 rpm, but with the installation of the additional chip tuning unit, the maximum torque value reaches 258Nm available at more or less the same speed. The maximum power is close to 160hp; however, when driving, the 1500 TSI turns out to be brighter and sportier even than the TSI versions of the same displacement and 150hp power that we have repeatedly tested (and processed) on other Audi or Seat versions. In short, the Leon's turbo gasoline reacts very well, and again the assembly does not involve any irreversible changes.

We repeat once again, for those who are completely unfamiliar with the topic of electronic tuning, that the kit we propose has nothing to do with remapping the Leon Seat's ECU. We provide a kit (completely made in Italy) that operates in parallel with the original ECU but without limiting its control over engine safety. Basically, as is the case with the Diesel common rails we have often talked about, it is simply a matter of plugging in connectors to the engine wiring harness in places that are easy to reach, thanks to the clear and specific instructions attached to each kit.

The kit can be ordered online (we will provide the link below) and consists of a specific version of the digital chip tuning unit, wiring harness equipped with original connectors for easy assembly/disassembly, and instructions complete with photos of the Leon Seat TSI engine. The kit is covered by an official SELETRON warranty and, as mentioned, on this fourth-series Leon 1500 turbo gasoline provides an increase of 29 horsepower and 58Nm of maximum torque.

What if we told you that you can also set your Leon's engine response from your smartphone? Just add the accelerator pedal chip tuning unit to your cart. It connects (again with original connectors and without any modification) to the accelerator pedal position sensor and drastically reduces the engine response delay. This second kit, called PEDALBOOSTER, is available in two variants, TOUCH, which you can adjust to your liking by acting on a small wireless console ( via a button you can set 4 different engine responses). The CONNECT version, on the other hand, is managed directly from your smartphone via a specific APP. Either way, your Leon's turbocharged gasoline engine will become super-ready and give you unparalleled driving pleasure!


Here is where you can find the electronic chip tuning kit for your Leon Seat 1.5TSI 130hp >>> https://seletron.com/en/shop/seat/leon-iv-kl2020-/5-tsi-130hp-96kw-1498ccm/