#Chip Tuning for BMW 730d 231hp

03 / March 2022
Chip Tuning for BMW 730d 231hp

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BMW 730d E65 – E66 231hp Tuning

Not so long ago, we covered an upscale sedan with a 3-liter turbodiesel engine. That was the Mercedes S-Class 350CDI, a newer luxury sedan but quite comparable as a class to the luxury sedan we are talking about today, the BMW 7-Series. It's powered by a 231hp inline 6-cylinder common-rail diesel. This beautiful and elegant car has been around for a few years, but it is still generating interest.


How does the BMW 730d E65 – E66 with 231hp drive?

It drives well. First of all, one has to consider the period when this 7 Series was built, about 12 years before the writing of this article. We are familiar with it because a close friend brought it to us a few weeks after picking it up from the dealer, not because it was no good, on the contrary, but simply because he wanted to process it like all the other cars he owned. Again, as we said, it should be considered that at that time, BMW's 3-liters were already very high performing and strong, but the versions we see on the road today, which have 265hp already with single-stage turbocharging, had not yet been released. However, when this 730d was tested, it already had 231hp with a driving torque of an impressive 520Nm.

This 7-Series performs very well, and the 6-cylinder 3000 is completely different from the one mounted on the earlier 184hp 3.0d 7-Series. The turbine is variable geometry on both versions, but the 231hp mounts a different turbocharger with variable geometry actuation by servo-motor, a more responsive and precise system than the pneumatic control (even if ECU-controlled by vacuum modulator). This 6-cylinder also has a more refined common-rail injection system, faster and more precise electronic management, different manifold and distribution tuning, and mounts a very different (read better) 6-speed automatic transmission (also epicyclic) than the 5-speed Steptronic. The result? The 730d 231hp has a very lively and smooth engine response; the engine revs well even at high revs and is also quieter. This 7 Series travels at about 240km/h and covers the 0-100 sprint in about 8 seconds, not bad for a 19-quintal luxury sedan.


Chip tuning units on the BMW 730d E65 – E66 231hp

Opening the big hood, you see the beautiful inline 6-cylinder mounted in a longitudinal position. Facing it, you see the generous turbocharger on the left side, and on the right side, the variable geometry intake manifolds on which the MAP sensor is fixed, which is one of the connectors where we will connect our chip tuning module. In the central part, the sound-absorbing plastic cover of the engine is on display. By lifting it, the common-rail flute appears in the center of the head (which has two cam axles and 24 valves). The front of the flute contains the second sensor, the diesel pressure sensor, where we will be plugging the connectors of the CHIPBOX chip tuning additional unit wiring harness.

Installation is very simple and does not require wire cutting or other modifications. Just like on all the other common-rails, all you have to do is unhook some of the connectors on the engine wiring harness and attach (as if it were a normal electrical extension cord) the wiring harness connectors supplied with each chip tuning kit. Moving on to performance, countless times we have appreciated the margin of increase in power and torque on BMW's 6-cylinder 3-liter engines. This 730d is no exception. An increase of 44 horsepower and an impressive 60Nm of maximum torque is an excellent result. In addition, the engine pushes sooner and more responsively; just give it a little gas, and the handsome sedan picks up speed as if it were lighter. If, however, the accelerator pedal is pressed hard from a standstill, that's when all 580Nm in total is released, and through the gearbox ratios, it reaches the rear axle, which - admittedly - on less than perfectly grippy surfaces generates some skidding, but some people like it that way.

We said that the more than 270hp and great engine torque propel the 730d forward very effectively, the gearbox pitches the 6 gears quickly, and in no time, you are at high speeds. Let's say that on a performance level, the SELETRON-tuned 730d doesn't make you regret having an older 3-liter BMW and doesn't lag behind its newer, more powerful sisters that can boast 258hp or 265hp. Even in recovery, the 730d becomes very prompt and effective, and the engine becomes very responsive and sporty, but this does not affect the great ride comfort in the slightest. On the contrary, the greater availability of torque at low revs makes for an even smoother and more supple ride. In summary, it is an effective tuning that is clean and very easy to install. Anyone with a minimum of manual dexterity can install the BMW 730d 231hp power increase add-on unit without any problems. The kit includes all the wiring with original connectors and instructions, complete with photos that allow you to immediately and accurately identify the sensors on which to connect the CHIPBOX.


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