#How to increase the power of the BMW 418d 143hp?

27 / February 2022
How to increase the power of the BMW 418d 143hp?

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How to resolve the slowness problem of the BMW 418d 143hp

Let's discuss the 418d version F32-33-36-82-83. Sorry, with all due respect, who advised you to buy a 4-Series with this engine configuration? We understand those who don't want to (or can't) choose the 3000 turbodiesel versions (which are doing very well) or even more so those who are frightened by the M4 (450 horsepower) and M4 GTS (500 horsepower) acronyms, but going " under" the 2-liter common rail 184hp seems risky when talking about BMW 4 Series. This is a beautiful car with a sporty feel; it has a very appreciable chassis, excellent suspension, and great tires (depending on the models, of course). It is a BMW that exudes sportiness and a desire to rack up miles. In our opinion, it is not suitable to be propelled by the least powerful of the 2-liter diesels that BMW offers. However, that's how it is.


How to increase the power and torque of the BMW 418d 143hp?

This engine, mind you, is not that it is bad; it is a good engine. BMW has installed it under the hood of numerous models, and many customers turned to us to electronically process this engine. It is one of the many versions of BMW's 2-liter common rail, with a 4-cylinder 16-valve with variable geometry turbocharger, air-to-air intercooler, maximum torque of 320Nm, and power as stated clearly (and with a hint of controversy for which we apologize) of only 143hp. What does this engine manage to do on the 4 Series? Let's see right away. From some reliable tests, it appears that the 0-100 sprint takes over 9 seconds! The top speed is less than 215Km/h. Let's take a moment of silence.

Now, back to us.


Tuning BMW 418d 143hp versions F32-33-36-82-83

Here we come to your rescue. In just a few minutes and without making irreversible changes, you can increase the power of your 418d by 33 horsepower and, more importantly, increase the maximum torque by as much as 64Nm. These are significant values, especially the torque (i.e., the thrust you feel on your back when you press the gas pedal), which, by increasing to 384Nm, moves the mass of the 4 Series in a much more agile way. This is also because not only does the maximum peak of driving force change, but you also get higher values below 2000 rpm and the whole range of engine rpm.

What about diesel fuel consumption? Contrary to what you might think, driving wisely can improve it. The increased engine torque allows you to use the high gears of the transmission more (both manual and automatic transmissions, although the manual helps a little bit more to save diesel if you know how to use it). To get this 33hp and 64Nm increase in power and torque, simply order our kit consisting of the CHIPBOX chip tuning additional unit already programmed for your 4 Series engine, wiring harnesses with original BMW connectors and complete instructions for easy installation. Important: This is not an irreversible modification or one that leaves traces like remapping the ECU of the 418d. This quick-assembly kit leaves no traces and requires no electronic or mechanical modifications. The installation is clean, reliable, and, above all, affordable for everyone.



Accelerator pedal chip tuner for BMW 418d 143hp versions F32-33-36-82-83

For this 4-Series, you can also count on an additional kit of ours, the PEDALBOOSTER, the now well-known chip tuning module produced by SELETRON that easily installs( via original BMW connectors) on the accelerator pedal of the 418d. Now, we will tell you what you get if you install both the engine chip tuning unit and the accelerator pedal chip tuning module on your 418d 143hp:


-           33 horsepower increase

-           64Nm maximum torque increase

-           Increased low RPM range

-           Increased high rev range

-           Sportier and faster acceleration

-           Increased top speed

-           Increased recovery and elasticity

-           Optimized diesel fuel consumption

-           Eliminate engine response lag

-           Adjustable levels of accelerator pedal sensitivity

-           Ability to manage the accelerator pedal from your smartphone in Connect versions

-           Unexpected increase in driving enjoyment!


Add to this that the kit is manufactured in Italy with the highest technology available in the field of electronic tuning with chip tuning modules. SELETRON is trusted in countries around the world, even in Germany, where our BMWs are born. All kits are covered by an official warranty. SELETRON products are manufactured according to strict standards to ensure a high degree of reliability and safety. In fact, they bear the certification issued by TÜV AUSTRIA, an international certifying body synonymous with guaranteeing the quality of automotive technology.


TÜV AUSTRIA certifications are internationally recognized and are currently the basic prerequisite for market entry in many areas. They provide an overwhelming advantage over the competition, constitute a stronger entry into the market, and provide objective confirmation that SELETRON meets the highest quality standards.


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