#How increase power in the Jeep Compass 1.6 multijet 120cv

22 / February 2022
How increase power in the Jeep Compass 1.6 multijet 120cv

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How to improve acceleration and recovery of the Jeep Compass 1.6 multijet 120hp

The Jeep Compass 1.6 multijet 120hp is a car that has found a fair amount of success. It's available with an array of different engines, but today we are talking about the diesel 1600 that uses a customized version of the Fiat-derived 4-cylinder common-rail, with four valves per cylinder and 120hp maximum power. Its torque is 320Nm expressed at the (normal) speed of 1750 rpm. The speed at which it reaches maximum power, on the other hand, is a tad lower than average at 3750 rpm.


Performance of the Jeep Compass 1.6 multijet 120hp

As already mentioned, the engine is yet another variant of the 1600 Fiat with a common-rail system, 16 valves, variable geometry turbocharger with intercooler, and 6-speed manual transmission. The Jeep Compass 1.6 turbodiesel touches a top speed of about 185 kilometers per hour with a less than exciting acceleration statistic of over 11 seconds for the classic 0-100. This is one of the main reasons why we have many requests for Compass 1.6 120hp upgrade kits, and just as many requests are for its sister, the Jeep Renegade.

The over 14-quintal mass does not simplify the work of the albeit efficient 1600 common rail. Regardless, no sweat, you can get +21 horsepower and +47Nm of maximum torque right away, and as always, all without having to tinker with the standard ECU and without any irreversible mechanical or electronic modifications. Simply connect the standard connectors found in the wiring harnesses of the CHIPBOX chip tuning unit, and that's it. The Compass 1.6 multijet's engine torque increases to an impressive 367Nm, and the increased power allows for a more effective upshift that translates into greater acceleration as well as higher top speed.

Another interesting aspect of this chip tuning additional unit is that it also allows you to optimize diesel consumption. By judiciously using the 6-speed transmission with more usage of the high gears (due to the higher engine torque), you can reduce the Compass 1600's diesel consumption and benefit from more elasticity and greater pickup. To further improve responsiveness and driving pleasure, you will also find the chip tuning module for the accelerator pedal sensor (that installs quickly and easily) in our online catalog. This makes it possible to reduce accelerator pedal lag, increasing driving involvement a great deal. The Compass seems to lose weight and becomes more responsive and snappy. You can also get the version of PEDALBOOSTER that allows you to connect to the chip tuner directly from your Smartphone via Bluetooth without having to operate the buttons on the module

With our two kits, the CHIPBOX (for increased power and torque) and the PEDALBOOSTER (for eliminating accelerator pedal delay), installed in your Jeep Compass 1.6 multijet 120hp, you can immediately gain:


-           + 21 Extra Horsepower

-           + 47 Nm Extra Torque

-           Better Acceleration

-           Better Recovery

-           More Speed

-           Optimized Deisel Consumption

-           Reduced Engine Delay


Don't forget that both kits are ready to be ordered online, are both made in Italy, and both carry an official SELETRON warranty. The kits come complete with instructions with photos specifically for the Jeep Compass and include all wiring harnesses with original connectors for a quick and easy assembly and with the possibility to easily restore everything to its original condition without leaving a trace. The clean, reliable installation will immediately increase the performance of your Compass and give you the possibility to optimize diesel fuel consumption.

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