#How to increase the performance of the Mercedes S-Class 350CDI 258hp

17 / February 2022
How to increase the performance of the Mercedes S-Class 350CDI 258hp

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How does the Mercedes S-Class 350CDI 258hp drive with a chip tuning unit?

+49 horsepower and +74Nm. Can you believe it? Today we've reversed things: usually, we first talk about how the car performs (in this case, a Mercedes S-Class luxury sedan) and then about how it can be tuned electronically with our chip tuning additional unit, which has many advantages. Today, however, we feel like telling you right away that if you have a beautiful 258hp S-Class 350CDI, we can offer you almost 50 extra horsepower with a shot of engine torque, which for this living room on wheels is never too much!


Mercedes S-Classe S 350CDI 258hp Bluetech Performance

This is the W222 version produced since 2013, with a nice 3-liter common-rail V6 engine that has a lot of new technology in its engine management and power supply. The engine is one of many variants of the 2987cc with 6 V-cylinders, four valves per cylinder, a variable geometry turbocharger placed between the cylinder banks, and an intercooler. The injection system, manufactured by Bosch, is, of course, common-rail (the acronym CDI also says so. This car has decent stats to begin with, having 258 horsepower (as mentioned) and a maximum torque of 620Nm, which is certainly not low. Naturally, a chassis like that of the Mercedes S-Class can handle much more, both in terms of maximum torque and maximum power. The standard performance is still respectable, with about 7 seconds for the classic 0-100 acceleration and a top speed of an impressive 250Km/h.


How to increase the performance of the Mercedes S-Class 350CDI 258hp Bluetech

We already told you this at the beginning, so there are very few surprises. But read what follows anyway because you will discover some great advantages in choosing to tune the S-Class 350CDI with our CHIPBOX chip tuning unit. First of all, remember the increases that can be achieved: power ratings of over 300 horsepower and maximum torque approaching 700Nm. These are values that should not be underestimated, especially when dealing with a luxury sedan with a large track and a large wheelbase, which is also very heavy!


The S-Class is grateful for the restorative treatment to the V6 common-rail turbodiesel. The increased engine torque allows acceleration from a standing start to 100Km/h to be well under 7 seconds with lightning-fast recoveries thanks to the nearly 700Nm of engine torque available when the automatic transmission kicks in! It also provides increased range, less drag on uphill climbs even at full capacity, effective acceleration pickup in all gears, and the ability (assuming you care about this aspect if you have a Mercedes S-Class) to optimize diesel fuel consumption!


Here, we come to another very important aspect: who wants to tamper with a 350 CDI S-Class? No one, probably. That is why our chip tuning additional unit is for you; the elegant all-inclusive kit ships conveniently to your home. The chip tuning unit is already programmed for the S-Class 350 V6 common-rail engine, and the enclosed instructions (clear and with photos of your engine) allow you to attach the wires (obviously included in the kit) very easily and safely. No modifications to the engine are made, meaning there is no irreversible tampering, yet your S-Class gains +49hp and +74Nm of maximum torque without the slightest mechanical modification and with the possibility of putting everything back to standard conditions without any problems and without leaving a trace. The perfect, simple solution for a luxury sedan from the brand with the 3-pointed star!


Strengths of using our electronic chip tuners on your Mercedes S-Classe 350CDI 258hp Bluetech


-           + 49hp power increase

-           + 74Nm torque increase

-           0-100 acceleration in less than 7 seconds

-           Very fast recovery

-           Excellent V6 engine elasticity

-           DIY assemble

-           No mechanical modifications

-           No electronic modifications

-           No ECU remapping

-           Factory conditions can be restored without leaving a trace

-           Optimization of diesel consumption 

You can also easily install our accelerator pedal chip tuning module on this Mercedes S-Class 350CDI 258hp Bluetech. PEDALBOOSTER easily connects to the accelerator pedal of your S-Class, making the V6 common-rail much more responsive. Keep in mind that both PEDALBOOSTER and the CHIPBOX kit can be quickly removed to restore everything to factory performance without leaving a trace. The combination of CHIPBOX + PEDALBOOSTER makes your S-Class 350CDI much more responsive and lively, thanks to the improved power-to-weight ratio, the increased torque available even at low to mid-range speeds, and the engine's responsiveness to accelerator pedal commands. Your Mercedes will feel lighter and will actually be more snappy, vibrant, and enjoyable to drive. Class, elegance, comfort, and performance!


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