#Chip Tuning for BMW 318d G20 150cv

02 / February 2022
Chip Tuning for BMW 318d G20 150cv

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How to increase the performance of the 150hp BMW 318d G20

How can we explain it? It has a low mass and very good aerodynamics, as otherwise, it would not be possible to explain how a 150hp Diesel can push a (beautiful) sedan to 225 km/h with a 0-100 sprint in 8.4 seconds! Let's make one thing clear: this 2-liter 4-cylinder engine has practically nothing to do with the 2-liter engine mounted on the older 320d with the same power. The engine of the 320d E46 was the first BMW 2000 common-rail 4-cylinder 16-valve engine, whereas the one in the 318d has the same architecture and the same displacement, but it is one of the latest Twin Power Turbo series engines. Here we must make one more clarification: contrary to what some people think, it is not a bi-turbo (this designation has created a little bit of confusion over the years) but a new series of engines that, compared to the previous ones, have a different injection system (although always common-rail), a different turbocharger, different distribution, different electronics, and just different mechanics in general. In practice, what they have in common is that they are both 2-liter 4-cylinder 16V engines produced by BMW and that diesel fuel flows through their veins. Otherwise, there is an abyss in terms of technology. I almost forgot; they also share the same power rating.


Standard performance of the 150 hp BMW 318d G20

Its abbreviated calling card is the following (may vary depending on the set-up):

-           About 1450Kg of mass

-           150 hp power

-           320Nm maximum torque

-           2000 common-rail 16-valve

-           Variable geometry turbocompressor

-           Air-to-air intercooler

-           225 Km/h maximum velocity

-           0 – 100 Km/h acceleration in 8.4 seconds

As mentioned a moment ago, it's certainly good considering the power. Those looking for much more will find, for example, the performance 3 Series with the powerful 3000 Diesel (with power up to 265hp with a single turbo) or the 2-liter turbo-petrol with 258hp and 400Nm of maximum torque. But for non-extreme BMW sportsmen, including those who chose the 18d version, there are other options.


Performance of a tuned 150hp BMW 318d G20

As always, this is a non-invasive and completely reversible electronic tuning, meaning that it is possible to restore everything to factory conditions easily, without hassle, and without leaving any tracks. We are not talking about replacing turbochargers, de-FAP, oversized intercoolers, replacing injectors, or more powerful exhaust systems. Nor are we talking about remapping the ECU, and the reason is the same because, while all these things will get you better performance, they cause a slew of other issues.

In fact, even though new ECUs almost never need to be opened (tampered with) to be reprogrammed in BDM, indelible traces may remain even if they are remapped via OBD and even if the original software is reloaded. In short, when you remap a modern BMW, you run the risk of voiding the warranty, and you are in danger of not being able to hide the fact that the electronics have been violated.

The clean and safe alternative is the installation of an external chip tuning unit that does not affect the original BMW. The external unit intervenes on some engine parameters leaving all the safety controls and all the limiters set by the ECU. The only difference is in the delivery of torque at different engine speeds (and therefore also in terms of power).

Specifically, we have developed a chip tuning unit for the 150 hp BMW 318d able to manage the amount of diesel injected by the common-rail system and the boost pressure that is electronically controlled on this engine as well. The power increase on the BMW 318d G20 is +30 horsepower and +55Nm of maximum torque. The increase in power allows higher performance, particularly in acceleration and top speed, and the torque increase allows the 318d to be much faster in regaining speed, climbs hills more easily (even at full load), and optimizes fuel consumption. The additional torque makes it possible to use the higher gear ratios at lower revs, thus lowering fuel consumption.


Chip tuning additional model installation on the 150 hp BMW 318d G20

To have this power increase of +30hp and a torque increase of +55Nm, just order the dedicated kit that you can find here https://seletron.com/en/shop/bmw/3-series-g20-2019-/318d-150cv-110kw-1995ccm/

An elegant package will arrive at your home containing:

-           The already programmed chip tuning module

-           Wiring with official BMW connectors

-           Instructions complete with photos of the 318d G20 engine

The assembly is very simple and convenient, and no mechanical or electronic modifications are necessary. Simply insert the connectors in the engine wiring as indicated in the instructions attached to the kit, and the 318d immediately gains 30hp and a maximum torque of 375Nm! All this translates into a higher top speed, faster 0-100 sprint, better pick-up, sportier engine response, and the possibility to optimize diesel consumption. Emphasizing that everything can be returned to factory settings by simply removing the external chip tuning unit, which won't leave a trace and doesn't tamper with any mechanical or electronic part.


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