#Chip Tuning for the Alfa Romeo Stelvio Veloce 2.2 210hp

27 / January 2022
Chip Tuning for the Alfa Romeo Stelvio Veloce 2.2 210hp

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Alfa Romeo Stelvio Veloce 2.2 210hp Tuning

I believe this Stelvio is the best performing SUV with an engine displacement around 2-liter (Diesel) cars, at least compared to other cars of this size. Its performance is already great at factory settings because of the chassis (which resembles the Giulia), the suspension, and the powerful brakes. The 2200 common-rail diesel pushes well with its 210 horsepower, and the engine torque is also not bad for this displacement.

The Stelvio turbodiesel with the most powerful of the 2200s on the list (its also available in 150, 160, 180, and 190hp with torque values always above 400Nm), and gets amazing speed with 215 km/h (it is still a large SUV) but its acceleration values really shine. The inline 4-cylinder coupled with permanent all-wheel drive and 8-speed automatic transmission means it can dash 0-100 in 6.6 seconds. Its weight of just under 18 quintals certainly helps, but the engine puts its own spin on things. Driving it is truly spirited even at the top end, and the torque is a robust 470Nm, while the maximum power of 154 KW (today, I also feel like using kilowatts) is expressed at the not-so-high speed of 3750 rpm.

We are still talking about an Alfa Romeo, and who usually buys Alfa Romeos? Those who like to drive, as well as "use" the car. As in several other cases, in the Alfa Romeo catalog, there are those Green Stelvio Quadrifoglios that, with their 3000 turbo gasoline, deliver 510 horsepower (we will talk about this engine later as well), a value that explains, for those who don't already know, what that chassis and especially Alfa Romeo's timeless automotive philosophy can be suitable for. Truth be told, many "mileage grinders" are opting for the Stelvio Diesel, which, as we have seen, is fine, but it does prompt some owners to ask for something more. And since the 4-cylinder common rail turbodiesel can give you more, several of you have asked us what you can do to further increase the performance of the 2.2. We wanted to answer you, too, who may be looking for something to safely squeeze more torque and power out of your Stelvio. So, we've got you covered; today as well, let's discuss the CHIPBOX kit designed specifically for the Stelvio Diesel.


Alfa Romeo Stelvio Veloce 2.2 210hp chip tuning units


Let's start at the end because you're probably thirsty for information about the power increase, but wait a minute. First, we want to tell you how easy and safe the assembly of this kit is! We ship the kit directly to your home, as usual, already configured to work in perfect tune with the factory electronics of your Stelvio. As you may have already guessed, the Alfa's ECU is not violated, and everything (both the mechanics and the engine ECU) remains perfectly in order. The kit contains an additional chip tuning that works alongside the Stelvio's; just hook some connectors on the engine harness, and you're done.

In the kit, you will find high-quality wiring harnesses with connectors exactly like those on the 2200 engine harness and clear instructions with specific photos on how to install everything quickly and without special experience. We would also like to add that the chip tuning unit is made with the highest quality manufacturing and is produced in Italy. Furthermore, this module boasts the important certification issued by TUV Austria, an international certifying body synonymous with guaranteed technological quality in the automotive sector. Truly a top choice!

But now we come to the engine and how it changes. This 4-cylinder, equipped with 4-valves per cylinder and a turbocharger with variable geometry and intercooler, gains 24 horsepower and an impressive 54Nm of torque, a value that brings the maximum peak to 524Nm, more favorable for pushing the large SUV. It takes less than 5 seconds to pick up from 80Km/h to 120Km/h, an acceleration that approaches 6 seconds flat to reach 100Km/h from a standstill depending on tires and equipment. It has excellent high rpm pull, greater elasticity, and even the possibility of optimizing the already good diesel consumption. The torque of 524 Nm, thanks to all-wheel drive, transforms everything into momentum without unwelcome skidding. The 2.2 revs up with speed, increasing driving involvement.

All in all, if you are looking for a safe, secure, clean (and completely removable without leaving a trace) way to electronically tune your Alfa Romeo Stelvio 2200 Veloce 210hp, we have just provided you with a quality and sure-fire solution. But we can go even further because we can also provide another popular chip tuning unit for this Alfa Romeo SUV. This module can be installed (again easily and without modifying anything) on the accelerator pedal of the Stelvio. This second device (which can be ordered individually or together with the additional engine enhancement unit) allows you to make the response of the turbodiesel engine even more responsive and sporty, something that owners of the "biscione" brand usually like! Among other things, it can be configured in various modes to choose the accelerator pedal response according to usage. In the sportiest configuration, the Stelvio becomes lightning-fast, its mass seems to shrink, and driving pleasure reaches the highest levels! This second kit, which is called PEDALBOOSTER, is also made in Italy and boasts the same quality already mentioned when talking about the chip tuning unit for electronic engine tuning.

Imagine if you could boost the power and manage the engine response from your Smartphone based on how you feel like driving your Stelvio at that moment! Well, this is not hypothetical because we make it happen for you! With PEDALBOOSTER® CONNECT, you can connect to the chip tuning unit directly from your cell phone via Bluetooth. With the dedicated App, you can synchronize the module with your smartphone and customize the pedal response at any time through the straightforward graphic interface.

As you can see, making your Stelvio Diesel special is already possible; we designed the technology you need and produced it for you. You can get it all by ordering the kits you see here >>> Alfa Romeo Stelvio Veloce 2.2 210hp