#How to increase the power of the Ford Ranger Raptor 2.0 ecoblue bi-turbo 213hp

How to increase the power of the Ford Ranger Raptor 2.0 ecoblue bi-turbo 213hp

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How to increase the power of the Ford Ranger Raptor 2.0 ecoblue bi-turbo 213hp


Do you have a Ford Ranger Raptor? How does the performance seem? The twin-turbocharged 2-liter has good numbers on paper, but how do you think this big pick-up truck fares?

We know that off-road, it has excellent qualities, reduced gears, 4x4 traction, and 500Nm of maximum torque, all of which are a good match for the rough mountain roads. Maybe this big vehicle is not really suitable for the city, but otherwise, it does very well, has plenty of space, and is also comfortable. However, we usually focus on what pulses under the hood, about the standard performance, and what electronic tuning can do on the engine, that's what we will do today talking about this Ranger Raptor produced by Ford! We forgot...we're talking about a vehicle that features a 10-speed automatic transmission. Yes, you read that right, ten gears.


Ford Ranger Raptor 2.0 ecoblue bi-turbo 213hp performance

Tu che ne dici? Partiamo dalla massa; quasi 25 quintali. In effetti, parliamo di un auto larga oltre 2 metri con una lunghezza di 5 metri e 40 centimetri con trazione integrale, sospensioni da fuoristrada e gomme molto generose, tanto leggero non poteva essere. Il motore però è valido, un 4 cilindri turbodiesel da 2 litri di cilindrata, testata plurivalvole, common rail ed un sistema di sovralimentazione particolare che fa impiego di 2 turbocompressori con relative valvole per la geometria variabile e il controllo dei flussi.

It has a power output of 213hp at 3750rpm and maximum torque, worthy of a 3-liter turbodiesel, available at 500Nm in a range between 1750 and 2000rpm. The question is, what can these excellent values do on a 2500Kg pick-up with 285mm wide tires? When driving, the sensation is pleasant and makes the engine seem vibrant. The top speed stops at 170Km/h (which is good for a vehicle of this type), while the 0-100 sprint is a bit perplexing. Or at least it leaves Ford Ranger Raptor owners used to more brilliant cars perplexed. The time needed to reach 100Km/h with a standing start is over 10 seconds, 10.5 to be exact. Here get to the point:


Do you want to increase the power of your Ranger Raptor 2.0 ecoblue to 250 horsepower?

Do you want to increase the maximum torque to 555 Nm?

Do you want to increase the performance without tampering with the original Ford ECU?

Do you want the ability to return all the ECU settings to original factory conditions without leaving a trace?

Would you like to receive a high-quality, made in Italy kit that is appreciated worldwide directly at home?


If your answer to these questions is YES, you just have to order the specific kit that we have prepared for you. It includes one of the best chip tuning units on the market, wiring harnesses with connectors for easy and quick installation, complete instructions in Italian and English (we told you that our kits are valued worldwide!), and all the necessary information to immediately and easily increase the power of your Ford Ranger Raptor 2.0 ecoblue by 27hp and 55Nm. All this, as we repeat, with the possibility to easily detach the kit bringing the performance back to the standard conditions.

But that's not all; keep reading just a few more paragraphs to discover what else we can do to further improve the performance of your Ranger Raptor. As you may know, modern engines often suffer from accelerator pedal command delays. We can supply a second kit for this purpose (also entirely produced in Italy using the best quality components, covered by a warranty, etc.) that can eliminate the annoying engine delay!

This chip tuning module simply plugs into the accelerator pedal sensor and has several driving configurations that add to those already on your pick-up! The result? The 25 quintals of mass will seem much lighter, the engine will be able to deliver 555Nm of maximum torque, and will be able to do so with a much more immediate response, all working in perfect harmony with the 10-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive!

Great, we have talked about the CHIPBOX kit for increasing the power and torque of the Ford Ranger Raptor 2.0 ecoblue bi-turbo and about the PEDALBOOSTER kit for making your engine even more responsive and reactive to your driving.


Here is where you can order the right kit >>>


Chip tuning for Ford Raptor 2.0 213hp