#How to increase the Performance of the Giulietta 1.4TB 16V Multiair 170hp

10 / August 2021
How to increase the Performance of the Giulietta 1.4TB 16V Multiair 170hp

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How does the Giulietta 1.4TB 16V Multiair 170hp drive?

We have already talked about the Giulietta before, it is a beautiful, sporty, and practical car produced by Alfa Romeo. However, on that occasion, we talked about how to tune the engine of the Giulietta in the Diesel common-rail version. Today we are talking about a version more appreciated by sporty people: the Alfa Giulietta motorized with the 1400 turbo 16V Multiair with a maximum standard power of 170hp. So let's start with the initial question: How does the Giulietta 1.4TB 16V perform? As it turns out, it's fine, and it's good enough for sporty people. If anything, it's not the ideal choice for a family because the back seat area isn't entirely satisfactory, but if you already have a more suitable family car, the Giulietta 1.4TB 16V can be the sporty alternative that can give you driving satisfaction. First of all, because of the design and brakes that are up for a challenge, the handling itself is satisfying, and the 1400 turbo revs pleasantly as it rises in revolutions (it isn't a big growler, but it rumbles...), in short, its a successful and appreciated Alfa Romeo.

Let's take a look at some numbers, starting with the mass, which determines the efficiency of the engine. The amount declared is about 13 quintals, a value that is not excessive and that allows maximum speeds with peaks of over 215Km/h and zero to 100 in about 8 seconds. Today we would also like to highlight a value that we never mention, the stopping distance. This is because we would like to point out that it takes about 35 meters to stop the Giulietta TB from a speed of 100 Km/h. If you don't understand the importance of this figure, try looking for some values of sports cars, and you will realize that the stopping distance of this "small" Alfa is very appreciable.

How to increase the power of the Giulietta 1.4TB 16V Multiair 170hp?

Let's talk a bit about this engine. The 4-cylinder turbocharged engine is a 1368cc with 4 valves per cylinder. It uses a system of indirect fuel injection (so with the classic injectors mounted on the intake manifolds near the engine head) and a turbocharger with intercooler. The 4 cylinders are arranged inline. The standard power is 170hp at 5500 rpm, while the maximum torque value (which also depends on the settings of the electronic driving systems) has a maximum value of 250Nm at 2500 rpm. The behavior of this engine is pleasantly sporty; it starts to push above 2000 rpm and is exploitable until about 6000 rpm.

How to get a power and torque increase on the Giulietta 1.4TB 16V.

Our CHIPBOX kit is ready to be mounted very easily on the engine harness of this 1400 turbo. The harnesses provided in the kit have original connectors that must simply be hooked ( like simple extensions) on a few points of the fuel system and supercharger. The instructions attached (in Italian and English) are complete with clear photos that show the points on which to engage the connectors. All very simple and straightforward. In addition, as always, there is no tampering, and you can restore the stock configuration without leaving a trace. But now you may wonder how much can I increase the power of my Giulietta 1.4TB 16V Multiair 170hp? We'll get right to it.

Our chip tuning unit is programmed to intervene on the gasoline injection parameters and on the working pressure of the turbocharger to ensure an optimal and well-balanced air-fuel ratio in the combustion chamber. Therefore, Alfa's 4-cylinder engine gains a good dose of power. We are talking about a pleasant +27hp with a boost of 45Nm in engine torque. Now, let's try to appreciate what this means. The value of torque is that of a good 3000 aspirated engine, and the nearly 200 hp is comparable with a 3-liter aspirated engine, and its the 1400 turbo engine that must push this mass less than 1300 kg (depending on the version). The result? When you step on the gas pedal, after 2 thousand rpm, the turbocharger starts to pump with its maximum force, and the 295Nm crush your back on the seat until you reach almost 6000rpm.

In the meantime, it picks up speed, with 0-100 acceleration that is noticeably more effective and with times that are significantly less than the 8 seconds of the standard Giulietta. The traction (already valid as standard) allows you to exploit all the thrust of the 4-cylinder turbocharged engine. This engine, which already performs well in the standard version, sounds even more engaging (have you ever driven turbo petrol engines with increased boost pressure?) with true sports car performance! Try it to believe! But if that's still not enough (that chassis with that set-up and those brakes never seem to get enough) don't forget that PEDALBOOSTER® is also ready for the Giulietta 1.4TB. This is the chip tuning module that increases the response speed of the accelerator pedal, reducing the delay caused by natural human movement. You decide! With a simple touch, instantly choose the driving style that best suits your needs: City, Sport, or Race! PEDALBOOSTER® increases the reaction of your Giulietta 1.4TB, making your driving safer in every situation and making Alfa's 4-cylinder turbo ready to deliver torque and power. Again, installation is very simple and does not require any irreversible tampering. You can install PEDALBOOSTER® and CHIPBOX® on your own and obtain incredible results in terms of performance and driving pleasure.

Remember what you can get with your Giulietta 1.4TB 16V Multiair 170hp:

 - A good 27 hp power increase
 - 45Nm increase in maximum torque
 - Increased responsiveness to accelerator pedal commands
 - Improved acceleration
 - Improved recovery
 - Higher maximum speed
 - Easier hill-climbing
 - Greater driving engagement
 - Improved shift range
 - Possibility to optimize fuel consumption

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