#Electronic Tuning for BMW 330d G20 3.0 265hp

10 / August 2021
Electronic Tuning for BMW 330d G20 3.0 265hp

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BMW 330d G20 3.0 265hp Electronic Tuning

It is one of the most successful 6-cylinder diesels. In fact, BMW has made its mark with its common-rail inline 6-cylinders. We remember the first 3-liter used in the 3 Series, 5 Series, X3 and X5, the 184hp one. It was the first 3-liter (2929cc) common-rail in-line 6-cylinder with a power output of over 180 hp, setting a record 20 years ago. BMW switched from electronic rotary pump injection (fitted on 2.5tds versions) to the latest common-rail technology with that engine. With this transition, other technological innovations were also introduced, such as 4-valves per cylinder and variable geometry on the turbocharger's hot side and valves on the intake ports to change its fluid dynamics based on rpm. Over the years, the 3-liter engine has undergone many refinements while retaining the same identical structure. BMW continued to develop more effective tuning, common-rail injection systems with faster and more precise electronics, and more powerful turbochargers. The power has evolved from the original 184hp to 193hp, then to 218/231/235hp versions, up to the most recent 245 and 258hp versions, and finally to the 265hp unit that is the subject of this article!


BMW 330d G20 3.0 265hp Performance

This 3 Series boasts very attractive levels of performance, and it is one of the rare 3-liter diesels to drop below a 6-second time from a standing start to 100Km/h. Thanks also to the all-wheel drive and the 8-speed automatic transmission, this 330d can achieve a top speed of 250Km/h with a zero-hundred of 5.4 seconds! The body, brakes, and chassis seem to be born to manage such power and even more; in fact, some people ask for more!


Increase the power of the BMW 330d G20 3.0 265hp

When you're looking for more performance, BMW's turbodiesels respond accordingly. The 2-liter common-rail engines are often the subject of our electronic tuning, both because they are so popular and because they have significant margins for power and torque gains. The 3-liter in this 3 Series is no exception. The power increase is very interesting at +40hp, especially alongside the torque value that can go from the original 580Nm (expressed between 1750 and 2750 rpm as standard) to the mighty 640Nm. This means that the 330d G20 can become a fireball of over 300 hp and torque worthy of the most powerful Porsche Turbo. The driving thrust becomes remarkable, as well as the ability to resume speed in virtually all gears. The ascents seem to disappear from the roads, and the 640Nm push the 3 Series (weighing in at a light 16 quintals) without any difficulty. Even the concept of "fully loaded" loses its meaning, as the inline 6-cylinder pushes at all engine speeds without hesitation while the automatic transmission naturally shifts through 8 gears. Remember that we are talking about over 300 hp with accelerations that can cover the 0-100 in 5 seconds, and the all-wheel-drive also helps discharge all that thrust to the ground safely.


Further increase the driving pleasure of the BMW 330d G20 3.0 265hp

If over 300 horsepower and 640Nm are not enough to quench your thirst for driving involvement, know that there is still something we can do! So far, we have told you about how our CHIPBOX kit can increase the power and torque values of the 3-liter turbodiesel. Now we want to tell you about our PEDALBOOSTER add-on, the chip tuning unit that simply connects to the accelerator pedal of your 330d and drastically reduces the annoying lag to the driver's commands, making the engine more ready and responsive. The result is enhanced driver satisfaction. The chip tuning additional unit will increase torque and power, while the electronic module installed on the accelerator pedal will make the 6-cylinder engine much more ready by delivering torque and power quickly, making the 330d feel even lighter and more responsive! We would like to remind you once again that the two kits (link below) can be installed and removed very easily and, most importantly, without leaving evidence. The kits come complete with clear assembly instructions with photos of the BMW engine. No electronic or mechanical modifications are needed, nor is the engine ECU tampered with in any way. Many BMW models lose their manufacturer's warranty when the engine control unit software is rewritten (ECU remapping) because this process leaves indelible traces that are recorded during maintenance checks or other official servicing by the BMW network. The proposed chip tuning modules consist of an additional electronic chip tuner that works parallel to the ECU without modifying the internal software in any way. The original engine control unit also maintains all of its safety controls on the engine system, making the electronic processing safe, reversible, and very powerful.

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