#How to increase the Performance of the Cupra Formentor 2.0TSI 310hp

09 / August 2021
How to increase the Performance of the Cupra Formentor 2.0TSI 310hp

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Increase the performance of the Cupra Formentor 2.0TSI 310hp

This is the first Cupra-branded crossover; before this car, the only ones to have the Cupra brand were Seat cars, remember? The Formentor is part of the Volkswagen group, and even the engines have a lot in common with other cars of the group. Here the lines are sleek and sporty, with large wheels, very inclined rear window, and other styles found in SUVs of other car manufacturers, largely in the fashionable style of this automotive period. The vehicle we are talking about today is the Cupra Formentor 2.0TSI 310hp, which, as you can see from the engine designation, is powered by a 2-liter direct-injection gasoline turbocharger.


Standard Performance of Cupra Formentor 2.0TSI 310hps

The Formentor is powered by the 4-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine with 16 valves and direct petrol injection derived from the Volkswagen group and widely used (with different tuning) on many Audi. Here the power reaches 310hp, a value much lower than the record held by Mercedes with its A45 AMG (which mounts the most powerful 2-liter engine in the world with 421hp and 500Nm of maximum torque), but it is still a high specific power compared to the average. Performance levels are still high, thanks in part to the compact size of less than 16 quintals; the Formentor reaches 250Km/h and manages 0-100 in less than 5 seconds! Really not bad at all. But as we know, some drivers are never satisfied...


How can you improve the Cupra Formentor 2.0TSI 310hp's performance?

We mentioned that this Cupra mounts a special version of the 4-cylinder direct-injection gasoline engine already used on small and medium sports cars of the Volkswagen-Audi group. And this is a good thing. This is because we have already had considerable success in terms of tuning this 4-cylinder turbocharged car, and this Formentor is no exception. Here at SELETRON, we have developed a nice upgrade kit for the Formentor 2.0TSI 310hp able to awaken its fine turbo-fuel. This means a 44hp power increase and a max torque increase of 65Nm. What does this mean when driving? It means that when you press the accelerator pedal of this 2-liter turbo, the Nm delivered becomes 465, and the power has peaks of over 350 hp! As mentioned, with the low mass of the car, the performance becomes feisty with a kick in the back that few cars can generate.


But how does the electronic tuning happen?

Very simple. As always, we have developed a chip tuning additional unit specifically for supercharged engines with direct petrol injection. We will deliver an elegant and sporty kit to your home, containing the chip tuning module already programmed for the Formentor 2.0TSI 310hp, with all the wiring needed for easy installation. All wiring harnesses come equipped with original connectors, so you can mount and dismount the upgrade kit without making any modifications and without breaking the manufacturer's warranty. It also contains clear and complete instructions for a safe installation. Like for the other TSI engines, no mechanical modifications are needed, and the original ECU of the car is not affected in any way. The electronic tuning of the Formentor 2.0TSI is based exclusively on the Plug&Play assembly of a digital auxiliary electronic control unit that works perfectly in harmony with the original ECU of your Cupra.


How to further increase the sportiness of the Cupra Formentor 2.0TSI 310hp?

To make your Cupra even more unique, you can also order our PEDALBOOSTER®. This chip tuning additional unit is applied to the electronic accelerator pedal through the original connectors (no modifications required) to increase the acceleration response. You immediately get an increase in pedal response speed, thus decreasing the accelerator. PEDALBOOSTER® TOUCH allows you to choose between three different pre-set modes and PLUS mode at the touch of a button. In short, with the CHIPBOX chip tuning module, you can increase the power of your Cupra Formentor 2.0TSI to over 350 hp and 465 Nm of maximum torque. With PEDALBOOSTER®, you get very rapid and sporty engine responses to power demands, resulting in a driving experience not seen in the standard version and an extremely satisfying feel. Acceleration and recovery become lightning-fast, and the 2-liter turbocharged engine drives (and revs) with true gusto! If you were looking for a clean and professional way to increase the performance of your Formentor 2.0TSI 310hp, we have suggested two extremely effective tuning kits. These kits are made in Italy and covered by a SELETRON warranty. Both are easy to install and, above all, give you the possibility to restore the factory performance at any time without tampering with the engine or other electronic parts.

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