#Do chip tuning module works?

19 / July 2021
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Do chip tuning module works?

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Do chip tuning module works?

Some of the most frequently asked questions on the topic of tuning are: But do add-on ECUs work? Do they really work? Can they damage the engine?

Those who ask themselves if chip tuning units work are generally people who are familiar with the option of increasing the performance of their car (gasoline or diesel) and who have already done some research on the web. They have an idea of what solutions are available to increase the torque and power of their car's engine.

Introduction to car tuning in Italy

A few years ago, or rather 20 years ago, most requests for systems to increase the performance of cars were from fans of tuning, so young (and not so young) fans of cars, performance, exhaust sound, or readers of magazines such as ELABORARE or other monthly magazines related to the world of 4 wheels, who were primarily interested in sportiness.

Over the years, tuning has broadened its horizons, and upgrade requests were no longer purely related to sportiness or the most famous and powerful car brands. The public had widened to less specialized users who had begun to appreciate the extra pinch of driving enjoyment that a smooth and sleek tuning can give the occupant of the driver's seat. The increased elasticity and comfort given by the increased engine torque also played a role in the cultural diffusion.

Moreover, the possibility of optimizing petrol or diesel consumption was a plus for drivers uninterested in pure performance, leading them to request electronic tuning for their cars, unrelated to sportiness and performance. In fact, towards the end of the '90s (when our experience with electronic car tuning began), we remember that most of the requests for chip tuners came from BMW, Audi, Alfa Romeo, and MINI owners, although there were also requests to upgrade Fiats, Fords, Lancias, and other small cars.

Ten years later, things had already changed, and we began to receive requests for increased power and torque for other types of cars and manufacturers. Today, most requests don't come from sport car drivers (who are still primarily interested in pure performance) but from users looking for better elasticity, fuel consumption optimization, increased dynamism, and a more engaging driving experience (which everyone likes). The requests come from all types of car owners, from utility car drivers to those with quiet minivans, to SUVs, commercial vehicles, campers, and all kinds of vans and pickups.

In recent years, cars with fairly high power lack exciting performance and dynamics due to their mass, anti-pollution systems, etc. Many people have realized that they can improve the engine's performance and response without making expensive changes that distort the car's settings. This is why a wider public is now interested in electronic tuning, which was previously the purview of those with powerful sporty cars. This brings us back to the original question of whether or not additional chip tuning modules actually work?

Short technical introduction.

Electronic tuning is a non-invasive method where the engine's mechanical parts are left untouched. There is no need to substitute the turbochargers, camshafts, intercoolers, or worse, connecting rods and pistons, nor is it necessary to replace exhaust systems and no changes to the gearbox, clutch, or differential. Electonic tuning focuses on modifying the electronic management of the injection and turbocharging systems of cars with aspirated or turbocharged gasoline engines or turbo diesel. There are usually two main solutions in these cases, namely remapping the ECU or installing a chip tuning module (also known as chip tuning units), which brings us back to the topic of the article: do the chip tuning units work?

Let's dispel some doubts. The first solution, the remapping of the engine control unit, consists of rewriting the data stored in the ECU or EDC's internal memory. This operation is very effective from a technical point of view if carried out by professionals, but it can be very invasive (especially on older ECUs) and can leave indelible traces even if reversible (especially on more recent cars).

That's why this solution is often considered ideal when other parts of the mechanical parts of the engine need to be modified anyway (for example, injection system, turbo, camshafts, exhaust system, etc.). That way, the changes can be fully made, and the electronic management of the engine can be adapted to the engine, which will have very different needs after the mechanical upgrade. However, additional chip tuning units become the ideal solution when you want to significantly increase the power and torque without tampering with the engine. It is simple and can be connected and disassembled as needed without leaving a trace, the user can easily adjust it according to their tastes and needs, it does not compromise safety checks carried out by the car's ECU (which is not modified), and it can even be reused on other cars with the same injection system.

But do these chip tuning units work? Can they improve performance?
Of course. The best additional chip tuning modules, or digital add-on modules, allow you to change the parameters of the fuel injection management and (in turbocharged gasoline or diesel engines) the turbocharger pressure, all without tampering with the original engine control unit, which continues to function exactly the same as factory standards!

The ECU controls all the engine parameters and protection systems and maintains active functionalities and integrations with the other ECUs systems in the car (for example, the automatic transmission). The chip tuning unit works together with the engine control unit to adjust some parameters such as the quantity of fuel injected (gasoline or diesel) and the turbo pressure values controlling some values like the injection phase, the accelerator pedal position, and other parameters related to the electronic management of injection and turbocharging by itself.

This parallel management follows digital parameters previously programmed in the additional chip tuning unit's software, which is configured according to the engine on which it is to be installed. The result is an outstanding increase in engine torque and power that positively affects acceleration, recovery, uphill maneuverability, agility, and fuel consumption.

The answer is, therefore, absolutely YES. Chip tuning modules of excellent quality work, and they work very well. They can provide significant increases in power and torque without modifying the engine. Remember that our additional control units are always supplied with mounting instructions with clear photos of the engine showing the points where the special connectors, similar to the original ones on the engine wiring, must be inserted.

No mechanical changes, no irreversible tampering, just connect the supplied chip tuning additional unit, and you're done. Whether you own a powerful German car or an Italian sports car, a small car or a medium-sized car, an SUV or an off-road vehicle, a commercial vehicle or a camper, know that you can increase the power, torque, and response of the engine to obtain an immediate increase in driving satisfaction. Best of all, you can restore your car to factory conditions at any time and without leaving a trace.

Today, we receive daily requests to upgrade all kinds of cars. We are continuously working to improve the performance of Kias, Skodas, Hyundais, Seats, Renaults, Fords, Toyotas, Opels, Fiats, and others while continuing to upgrade high powered Audis, BMWs, and Mercedes and supercars like Ferraris, Porsches, Maseratis, Lamborghinis and other extreme sports cars for customers who are always looking for the best from their car engine! The chip tuning units work and even have significant advantages, as we have just explained in this article. The important thing is choosing the right chip tuning module that features high-tech and high-quality components like CHIPBOX, manufactured entirely in Italy and widely acclaimed around the world. If you are looking for high performance and maximum safety, choose Seletron.


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