#How to increase the power and torque of the Golf 7 GTI TFSI 220hp

08 / June 2021
How to increase the power and torque of the Golf 7 GTI TFSI 220hp

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Increase the Power of the Golf 7 GTI TFSI 220hp

Do you remember the legendary GTIs of the 80s and 90s? Those Golf GTI 1800s with gasoline injection, available in both 8-valve and 16-valve versions? These cars were part of the history of many fathers who maybe today have children with a Golf 7 GTI, the model we are talking about today! For years, the acronym GTI stood for the Golf and its performance, the competitions with GSI (By Opel) and with RS3 (By Ford), and with other legends like the Uno Turbo i.e.

Golf 7 GTI TFSI 220hp Engine and Performance

Things have changed so much since the 80's that the only thing left in common with the GTIs of those years is that they have 4 cylinders. Jokes aside, let's see what's pumping under the hood of this beautiful GTI. It has a two-liter gasoline-powered engine and, more specifically, a direct injection system called TFSI (where the T stands for turbo), 4 valves per cylinder moved by a dual overhead camshaft, turbocharger, and intercooler. As mentioned, there are 4 cylinders arranged in a row. This has 220hp with a maximum torque of 350Nm. Those who own this beautiful GTI say that it is pleasant to drive, sporty, has a good set-up, and has excellent handling and stability. Even the traction seems to have no problem (even in full acceleration), so it is certainly a successful Golf. The acceleration and top speed are in line with other similar cars. The only "problem," if we can call it a problem, is that the grip on the road and the excellent traction, due in part to the anti-lock brakes, prevent the driver from feeling the effect of more horsepower on such a successful chassis. The power is double that of the first GTIs, but the weight is no longer the same, and although the numbers are respectable in terms of 0-100 and top speed, the perception of performance suffers a little, especially with the most discerning drivers behind the wheel.

How to increase the power of the Golf 7 GTI TFSI 220hp?

This brings us to the usual question, the one that afflicts those who have gasoline (or diesel) in their veins and not blood; how can I increase the performance of my Golf 7 GTI without tampering with the mechanics and without spending excessively on complex and unreliable adjustments?
The answer, once again, is SELETRON, with its specific kit CHIPBOX designed to increase horsepower and torque on turbocharged engines with direct petrol injection TFSI. The kit is nice and ready to be ordered online, so let's see what it can do for your 220hp GTI TFSI.
Hold on tight, fasten your seatbelt, and get ready for a kick in the spine thanks to the +58Nm of torque (bringing the maximum peak to over 400Nm!) and the 35hp increase in horsepower for a total of 255hp of maximum power delivered by your GTI's turbo-petrol. With these numbers, driving becomes something else, now in full acceleration the traction generates some slippage of the (big) tires. The 408Nm of torque is an important value that allows lightning-fast recovery, and having over 250 horsepower means very effective acceleration.


How is the chip tuning module for the Golf GTI TFSI 220hp installed?

It is very simple, as usual. Ordering the upgrade kit, you get a nice package that contains the best chip tuning additional module for the 2-liter TFSI. It contains the wiring harness with the original connectors and simple and complete instructions for inserting the connectors to specific points of the engine wiring (supercharger sensor, various power sensors), all without having to make any changes. Just insert the various connectors as indicated in the instructions, complete with photos of the GTI engine, and that's it. There is no need for mechanical modifications or other irreversible tampering, and everything can be restored to factory conditions when desired. It's a very accurate and secure task that even non-experts can do in a few minutes.


Golf GTI TFSI 220hp Accelerator Pedal Chip Tuning Module

We have talked about how to increase the power and torque of this GTI with a 2-liter turbocharged engine and direct petrol injection. Now we want to discuss another opportunity for making it even more pleasant and engaging to drive the GTI by installing an additional control unit on the accelerator pedal position sensor. The PEDALBOOSTER can be mounted simply using original connectors without making any changes or cutting wires. Just insert the male-female connectors on the accelerator pedal sensor like an extension cable, and the job is done. Driving the Golf 7 GTI becomes even sportier and more enjoyable. You will be able to manage the new power and torque thanks to the rapid accelerator pedal response! That's not all; with PEDALBOOSTER TOUCH, you can choose your driving style by selecting between PLUS, RACE, SPORT, and CITY modes, with up to a 100% increase in accelerator pedal response.
You can order the 2 kits together easily and without problems! CHIPBOX and PEDALBOOSTER work in perfect harmony to bring out the best from the 2000 TFSI turbo. The first kit increases the power and torque, while the second kit makes the response sporty and aggressive, unloading the 255 horsepower and 408Nm of torque to the ground with very satisfying acceleration and recovery!
All the equipment provided is the result of over 20 years of experience in the field of electronic car tuning, and it is all designed and manufactured exclusively in Italy by a company renowned in Italy, Europe, and many other countries around the world!

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