#How to increase the power of a BMW 320d 190hp (F30–F31–F34–F80)?

07 / May 2021
How to increase the power of a BMW 320d 190hp (F30–F31–F34–F80)?

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How to increase the power of a BMW 320d 190hp (F30–F31–F34–F80)?

You have purchased a beautiful BMW 320d. Its 4 cylinder common-rail with 190 hp and a good 400Nm of maximum torque drives well already from the low-medium, and even at medium-high speeds, the engine is not bad at all. This is thanks to the BMW tuning, with 4 valves per cylinder, and the generous electrically controlled variable geometry turbocharger with an intercooler. Its 190hp isn't nothing ... we are talking about a 3 Series, a sports car with a chassis and a set-up also designed to be offered in the M3 version, with powers up to 450hp! In short, the engine is a nice turbo diesel that goes quite fast. Still, the potential of BMW common rail, as we know by now, is much higher (which, the person writing this knows well, as I've had direct experiences with BMW Diesel Tuning)... so what happens? What happens is that the first few times you drive this beautiful 3 Series, the 190hp is not bad, but you get used to it very quickly; the driving position, the BMW chassis, and suspension, the braking system, all seem to say "More! Again! Again! Again!" This is a car which, as said, can also support a whopping 450hp engine under the hood. Therefore, aficionados often ask, "How can I increase the power of my BMW 320d 190hp without any problems? Who can help me?"

You don't need to search far, as you have already found SELETRON, with lots of experience in over 20 years of working with Diesel (and also gas) BMWs. On our site, you will find a catalog where you can easily order an excellent add-on unit produced entirely in Italy, the CHIPBOX. It is an additional chip tuning unit popular around Europe and beyond. This high-quality kit comes complete with the digital control unit already programmed for your BMW 320d 190 hp, which intervenes on both the diesel injection system and on the supercharger system generating incredible increases in power and torque.

What power can my 320d 190hp BMW reach with CHIPBOX?

Easy, we're talking a whopping 225hp and a massive 465Nm of maximum torque. When your 3 Series gets that mixture of power and thrust, you will forget you have a 2-liter diesel because it will feel like you are driving a 3-liter! If you would also like to have a more responsive accelerator pedal, we suggest that you order PEDALBOOSTER in addition to the CHIPBOX. You can mount PEDALBOOSTER in a few minutes without making any irreversible changes (oops, we forget to mention that you can also mount the additional control unit for the engine by yourself without making any changes and then return it back to factory conditions easily, cool, right?). Install it with the SELETRON control unit, and your 320d 190hp will become incredibly pleasant to drive, with excellent acceleration, lightning-fast recovery, and super responsive to the commands of your right foot!

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