#How to Increase the Power of a Mercedes C 250d 204hp

06 / May 2021
How to Increase the Power of a Mercedes C 250d 204hp

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How to Increase the Power of a Mercedes C 250d 204hp

The Mercedes C 250d already has a good dynamic in its standard configuration thanks to 204hp maximum power and 500Nm. Still, you know, this chassis (both sedan and SW version) can handle much higher power, and many C 250d owners want more from their 4-cylinder bi-turbo diesel. We can certainly do something for these "boost" lovers. The engine in question is a 4-cylinder common-rail diesel with 16 valves, 2 turbochargers, and an intercooler. Its standard power is 204hp with a maximum torque value of 500Nm.

How can you increase the power of a Mercedes C 250d 204hp?

With the excellent CHIPBOX additional chip tuning unit, obviously! It is a digital control unit popular internationally and produced by SELETRON entirely in Italy. It uses top-line Diesel Tuning technology. The kit contains the add-on chip tuning unit, wiring for a quick connection (an easy operation that does not require any irreversible modifications), and clear assembly instructions.

The chip tuning control unit works on the common rail injection system and on the bi-turbocharging system of this 2200, increasing the power up to over 240 hp with maximum torque values of 560 Nm, values worthy of the best 3-liter turbo diesel! You will immediately get more performance, especially during acceleration and recovery, and your Mercedes C-class will be much more exciting to drive. Plus, any time you need, you can return the engine to factory conditions without leaving a trace.

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