#How to Increase the Performance in the Volvo XC40 D3

How to Increase the Performance in the Volvo XC40 D3

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Volvo XC40 D3 150cv

How to Increase the Performance in the Volvo XC40 D3

What can be said about this lovely SUV produced by Volvo? It hoasts a 2-liter turbo diesel engine with 150hp and a torque of 320Nm, standard power for the category. However, the mass of this beautiful XC40 D3 is a bit of a problem because it weighs almost 1700 kilos, and the standard 150hp allows a top speed of 200Km/h and a 0-100 acceleration of no less than 10 seconds. At this point, the 2-liter common rail may seem a tad undersized compared to the chassis and the overall Volvo quality. Don't worry though, there is a solution for those looking for more... the CHIPBOX chip tuning control unit.

What kind of power increase can an chip tuning unit give the Volvo XC40 D3 150hp?

With CHIPBOX, you can reach a power of 174hp and a maximum torque of about 270Nm, quickly and without any problems. This is a big difference for this little 2 liter that has to haul the considerable mass of this SUV.

chipbox chip tuning Volvo XC40

What about fuel consumption?

Obviously, this depends on how you drive. If you continuously exploit the improved performance in acceleration and recovery, there will be a proportional consumption of diesel fuel, but by driving carefully, and our customers confirm this, you can even save on fuel consumption. It's true because the higher engine torque at medium and low speeds allows a greater elasticity and greater use of high gears.

Is the installation easy?

In the kit, in addition to the chip tuning control unit (which we remind you is of the highest quality), you will also find the wiring harness with original connectors perfect for connecting to the Volvo's engine wiring. Everything can be easily removed without leaving a trace. The CHIPBOX chip tuning control unit does not require any irreversible modifications or tampering. Your XC40 D3 can go back to stock configuration whenever you want.

To recap, you have the possibility of increasing the power of your XC40 D3 up to 174hp with an increase in torque of almost 50Nm, while optimizing diesel consumption and increasing the enjoyability of the driving experience. You will feel a considerable difference in thrust, acceleration, and recovery but also in the ease of overcoming hills!

The throttle tuning PEDALBOOSTER is also available for this model. This unit works to increase the sensitivity of the accelerator pedal and reduce the annoying engine response lag... if you are looking for more power, torque, and responsiveness, order both CHIPBOX and PEDALBOOSTER; excellent solutions for your Volvo XC40!

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