#Improved Throttle Response with an additional control unit on the accelerator pedal

Improved Throttle Response with an additional control unit on the accelerator pedal

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Improved Throttle Response in the Palm of your Hand.


PedalBooster is a revolutionary throttle enhancer that simply plugs into your vehicle’s throttle pedal sensor. Carefully designed to enhance your vehicle’s throttle response and improve your driving experience.

No matter what your vehicle's make, model or engine size is, as long as you have an electronic throttle pedal, we have a PedalBooster just for you. Due to their fully customizable design, we can modify each box to suit whatever vehicle you may have. This makes them perfect for petrols, diesels, LPG and even hybrids.

Simply fit your new throttle enhancer into the electronic throttle pedal sensor, clearly shown with the included instructions.

Throttle Response Module

How Does Work the PEDALBOOSTER?

PEDALBOOSTER works as an additional control unit that is connected to the electronic throttle pedal via your vehicle’s original connectors. This allows you to improve the acceleration of your car by eliminating the delay between your foot pressing on the accelerator and your engine’s throttle valve opening.

What are the Benefits of the PEDALBOOSTER?

Eliminates Throttle Delay.
As already stated, PedalBooster helps combat the lag that commonly occurs when you press your foot down on the accelerator. Installing a separate control module to your throttle pedal allows your vehicle to respond faster to the throttle sensors readings. Meaning that as you accelerate, your vehicle is able to open it’s throttle valve much sooner than it usually would.

Acceleration and driver experience improvement.
Because of it’s design, the PedalBooster will allow your engine to respond to your throttle pedal position much faster. This increases the acceleration of your entire vehicle as your engine can now respond much faster to what you as the driver are asking from it.

Control from the palm of your hand.
Whether you decide to purchase the PedalBooster Connect or the PedalBooster Touch, both pieces of technology allow you to control the throttle response from the palm of your hand. Depending on the type of driving style you’re feeling, simply select from the menu presented to you either on your smartphone or dedicated control panel. This feature is what makes PedalBooster truly remarkable, as it makes changing the drive of your vehicle as easy as turning the headlights on or changing gear. The changes, once selected, are immediately implemented in real-time.

PedalBooster for every car.
As long as your vehicle has an electronic throttle pedal, then PedalBooster can be installed easily onto your vehicle’s throttle. Unlike a lot of vehicle upgrades that are vehicle manufacturer specific, PedalBooster has made such a great impact on the market place that they’ve decided to design their product to fit all makes and models with an electronic throttle.

Easily reversible.
If for whatever reason you don’t get along with your PedalBooster kit -which we highly doubt-, or you’re looking to sell your vehicle, then you can simply unplug the PedalBooster hardware provided and go back to your standard throttle pedal and sensor, leaving no trace that you ever upgraded.

No engine damage.
Unlike a lot of engine modifications that are available on the market that can damage your engine when they’re fitted. PedalBooster allows for easy fitment and isn’t connected to anything on your engine. This gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your new performance upgrade won't be causing any damage to your engine while you use it.

Tried and tested.
PedalBooster is TUV Austria certified and therefore meets the most stringent safety and electromagnetic compatibility requirements. You can be sure that when you purchase a PedalBooster product that you’re getting the highest degree of reliability and safety.

pedal booster touch


PedalBooster Touch, allows you to improve the throttle response of your vehicle by simply plugging in a dedicated control module to your electronic throttle pedal. This control can then be adjusted by using a small UI (user interface) that can be mounted anywhere on your dashboard. This UI is designed to be user friendly, allowing you to easily switch between 4 different drive modes - city, sport, race, plus. These changes in drive modes can be implemented immediately and will take effect as soon as you switch between them. This really does give you total control over the drive of your vehicle, letting you as the driver, control your own driver experience.

pedal booster connect


PedalBooster Connect works in a similar fashion to PedalBooster Touch, by allowing you to improve the throttle response of your vehicle by easily plugging in a dedicated control module to your electronic throttle pedal. The change however, is in how this control module is operated. PedalBooster Connect allows you to connect your smartphone directly via bluetooth. Simply install the PedalBooster Connect app after installing your new PedalBooster control module and you’ll be able to easily change driving styles from your phone. This incredible technology gives you full control over how you would like your vehicle to respond to the throttle pedal. In real time, anyplace, anytime, simply switch between different driving modes depending on what mood you’re in.

What This Means For You

PedalBooster is a standalone control unit that sits independently of your vehicle’s own control units. This allows you to easily install and uninstall the hardware kit, without requiring any specialist tools to do so. Engineered specifically to improve your vehicle's throttle response and driver experience no matter what make, model or engine you may be driving. All achieved without increasing fuel consumption or engine emissions. If you’d like to see what installing a PedalBooster kit on your vehicle will do for you or have any questions, then please feel free to get in touch


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