#CHIPBOX® Connect: Chip Tuning Bluetooth

CHIPBOX® Connect: Chip Tuning Bluetooth

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If you have already discovered the advantages of CHIPBOX®, the additional module for diesel or petrol engines created by Seletron to improve your car's performance by increasing power and decreasing fuel consumption, you will certainly appreciate the new CHIPBOX® CONNECT.

When purchasing your new additional control unit, choose the CHIPBOX® CONNECT version. The new Seletron product allows you to connect to the additional module directly from your phone and change the settings whenever you need it and wherever you are.


The use of the additional CHIPBOX® CONNECT unit is simple and fast. Just download the CHIPBOX® CONNECT application to your smartphone, connect, choose between the various settings or adjust the parameters by adjusting the slider and manage power delivery in an easy, fast and immediate way! You can activate or deactivate your CHIPBOX® add-on module directly from the app and, if you wish, you can also choose the demo mode

What CHIPBOX® mode are you?

The CHIPBOX® additional control unit is already delivered to you specifically mapped for your engine, but in addition, from today, you can also choose the driving mode you prefer directly from your mobile phone. Are you CITY, SPORT, RACE or PLUS? This is the latest news from Seletron that has always studied products that, in addition to guaranteeing the best performance and maximum safety, ensuring you extreme driving pleasure and maximum comfort.

Chipbox Connect

Professional opinion

Emanuel Lago, Seletron development manager, comments: "Nowadays, in order to attract and retain customers, in addition to guaranteeing quality products - a fundamental aspect for us - it is also necessary to think about their satisfaction in terms of comfort and well-being. This is why it is important to study solutions that satisfy the desire for speed and practicality typical of the modern lifestyle, offering products that are easy and quick to use, that interact as much as possible with the most common electronic devices. CHIPBOX® CONNECT is what our customers want and the success it is having a few months after launch proves it”.

What are the advantages of CHIPBOX® CONNECT?

With CHIPBOX® CONNECT you can do everything directly from your mobile: connect to your additional control unit; activate and deactivate it; select different power levels; choose from the various settings available; customize the mapping. Plus, CHIPBOX® CONNECT updates automatically without you having to think about it anymore.

Which motors is it suitable for?

CHIPBOX® CONNECT is suitable for all engines. By purchasing it in the online shop, just select your car model and Seletron selects the right product for the specific engine. The CHIPBOX® add-on module arrives at your home already specifically mapped for your vehicle and you can install it yourself in just 15 minutes. A tutorial is also available on the site to avoid any errors

How much does CHIPBOX® CONNECT cost?

The price of this additional control unit is easily visible by entering the online shop and selecting your car model. Otherwise, just request a quote from [email protected]: the Seletron staff is ready to answer any of your requests.


Enjoy the convenience of the new dedicated app!

You can watch other installation videos in our channel Youtube/Seletron