#Increase the Power of Mercedes GLA with an Chiptuning ECU

20 / May 2024
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Increase the Power of Mercedes GLA with an Chiptuning ECU

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How to Increase the Power of Mercedes GLA with an Additional Chiptuning ECU

Today, we’re ready to answer a fairly common question: how to increase the power—and therefore the performance—of the Mercedes GLA while keeping all engine controls active and without making mechanical or electronic modifications. Essentially, this means you can revert everything to factory conditions whenever you want. Mercedes has provided numerous engine choices for this vehicle. Generally, all versions, whether Diesel or gasoline, can be electronically upgraded with our tuning kits and the PEDALBOOSTER® CONNECT module, which we will discuss shortly. First, let’s take a look at the most popular engines for which we receive the most requests for non-invasive and fully reversible electronic tuning!

Chip Tuning the Mercedes GLA 180d

Let’s start with this modest variant of the 1950cc Diesel engine, which delivers a standard 280Nm of maximum torque and a maximum power of 116hp. This is, of course, a turbo diesel engine with an intercooler and high-pressure direct injection common-rail system. Here, the legendary CHIPBOX® DIESEL is installed without any mechanical or electronic modifications. The kit comes configured for this engine and only requires connecting the usual connectors following clear instructions with specific photos. Our regular readers already know what we’re talking about. Now, onto the tuning: with the installation of this Plug&Play kit, you immediately get +20hp and +40Nm of torque. The final values reach 136 horsepower with a peak torque of 320Nm, the same as the more powerful stock version we’ll talk about next!

Chip Tuning the Mercedes GLA 200d

The 200d also features the 1950cc 4-cylinder turbo diesel with a common-rail injection system. However, this variant starts with stronger values: 320Nm of maximum torque and a more suitable power output for this car at 150hp. Since the engine management is very similar to the previous one, quickly installing CHIPBOX® DIESEL here also results in an increase of +23hp and +55Nm of maximum torque. With the new power and torque values, the GLA accelerates and responds more vigorously, making better use of the chassis and delivering a more exciting driving experience. We remind you that our digital additional Chiptuning ECU can also be ordered in the CONNECT version, allowing you to control it from your smartphone. Yes, you can decide the power of your Mercedes (gasoline or Diesel) from your phone using a specific app we provide!

Chip Tuning the Mercedes GLA 220d

Here we’re talking about a different engine, not the 2-liter but the 2143cc 4-cylinder, still with 4 valves per cylinder. This turbo diesel also has an intercooler and common-rail injection system; it is one of the most widely used engines globally. In this variant, it has a maximum torque of 350Nm and a power of 177hp. Installing CHIPBOX® DIESEL immediately provides +28hp and +60Nm of maximum torque, surpassing 200 horsepower with a maximum torque of 410Nm. These values are definitely noticeable during acceleration and response.

Chip Tuning the Mercedes GLA 250

Now we move to the gasoline front, with a 1991cc 4-cylinder 16-valve engine with direct gasoline injection, producing a standard 350Nm and a maximum power of 211hp. This is a turbocharged engine with a Twin-Scroll turbine, which means it has split exhaust ducts up to the hot snail, which has two separate flows impacting the turbine. Here, CHIPBOX® PETROL comes into play, boosting this 2-liter turbo with an immediate increase of 40hp and a 70Nm torque increase, bringing the peak values to around 250 horsepower with 420Nm of torque. These values make the GLA 250 very responsive and progressive. The power-to-weight ratio becomes very favorable, and the performance is significant. As mentioned previously, no mechanical or electronic modifications are necessary, installation is easy with simple insertion of the original connectors on the engine wiring, and with the CONNECT version, you can select from your smartphone between stock power or enhanced power, whenever you want!

Tuning the Mercedes GLA 45 AMG

Here we enter the realm of pure sports cars with a vehicle equipped with one of the highest specific power output engines in the world; we are, of course, talking about stock engines, and this 1991cc 4-cylinder 16-valve turbo engine produces a stunning 475Nm and a high power output of 381hp. It’s "one of" the highest specific power output engines because the one with the "highest value ever" is also by Mercedes, the sibling of this 2-liter engine, which produces 500Nm and

421hp and is installed in the 45S version with very high performance. Returning to our GLA 45 AMG, we can immediately tell you that you can achieve a significant increase of +44hp and a substantial torque increase of +65Nm. With these values, the GLA becomes a super sports car, with the engine eager to unleash its full potential on the 4Matic transmission. Now that we’ve touched on the engine’s aggressiveness, let’s briefly revisit the second kit mentioned at the beginning of the article...

Accelerator Pedal Module for Mercedes GLA Gasoline and Diesel

What if we told you that you can also set the engine response of your GLA from your smartphone? Just add the additional accelerator pedal module to your cart. This easily connects using original connectors without any modifications to the sensor on the accelerator pedal and drastically reduces engine response lag. This second kit, called PEDALBOOSTER®, is available in two versions. The TOUCH version allows you to adjust the engine response to your liking via a small wired console (through a button, you can set four different engine responses). The more advanced CONNECT version lets you control it directly from your smartphone through a specific app. In any case, the engine of your Mercedes—whether gasoline or Diesel—will become highly responsive, providing a unique driving pleasure! Something never experienced before, especially if you install both the additional chip power ECU and this electronic module to modify the engine response!

Again, we remind you that this is not an ECU remapping but a fully reversible electronic tuning, not modifying the ECU files (an indelible operation that is not easily reversible). Everything can be restored to the stock power by simply disconnecting the kit’s connectors and restoring the original connectors. We also want to remind you that all SELETRON kits are made in Italy with the best automotive components and the best electronic tuning technologies. SELETRON is a well-known and appreciated brand in various countries worldwide. The kits also have TUV Austria certification and have been chosen for super sports and luxury cars such as Aston Martin, Bentley, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, and others.

If you want to tune your Mercedes GLA, visit our catalog and check the kits available for immediate delivery. Click here > SELETRON Shop.

  • More power and torque
  • Improved acceleration and responsiveness
  • Greater sportiness
  • Optimized fuel consumption for Diesel and gasoline
  • Engine response tailored to your liking
  • Performance control from your smartphone
  • No mechanical modifications needed
  • All engine controls remain active
  • You can revert to stock power whenever you want
  • Completely reversible electronic tuning


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