#Chip Tuning for the BMW M4 Competition from 510hp to 580hp

16 / May 2024
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Chip Tuning for the BMW M4 Competition from 510hp to 580hp

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Chip Tuning for the BMW M4 Competition G22-23-26 from 510hp to 580hp

The BMW M4 Competition (referring to the G22, G23, G26 versions) is a sportier variant of the BMW 4 Series, renowned for its exceptional performance. It boasts a powerful and high-performing engine, a inline-six, which delivers immediate power delivery and high torque. The inline-six, let's remember, is known for its excellent balance of moving masses. In this turbocharged version, the engine produces 510 horsepower with an impressive torque of 650 Nm.

Naturally, the performance is already high in the stock version. The engine delivers maximum power not far beyond 6000 rpm, and the robust torque is transmitted to the ground via a sophisticated all-wheel-drive system through an 8-speed sequential gearbox. The top speed is electronically limited to 250 km/h, while the classic 0 to 100 km/h acceleration is covered in about 3.5 seconds.

These are indeed remarkable performance figures, indicating a car designed to provide a sporty and engaging driving experience, with exceptional accelerations and dynamic performance. The M4 Competition features an aggressive and distinctive design, with aesthetic elements highlighting its sporty performance. At the technological level, it incorporates the latest solutions that enhance both driving pleasure and safety.

It's immediately apparent that it's a turbocharged gasoline engine. While the 510hp might not be unattainable for a naturally aspirated engine of around 3000cc, the torque value of 650 Nm is a result of a high degree of turbocharging. Otherwise, the engine could have a torque value ranging from approximately 300 Nm to 340 Nm. Of course, the engine features dual overhead camshafts with multi-valve heads, an intercooler, and one of the most refined fuel injection systems, along with a sophisticated engine control system.

How to upgrade the BMW M4 Competition to 580hp?

After this necessary brief introduction to the stock version, let's get to the crux of the matter, which is how to increase the power of the BMW M4 Competition to around 580hp. Here comes into play the first kit that SELETRON has developed for your sporty BMW, namely the CHIPBOX PETROL Chip Tuning module, consisting of a special additional control unit capable of acting on the engine control system, specifically on the injection system and turbocharger pressure management.

The kit, as always, is simply installed by connecting connectors to the engine wiring, requiring no irreversible modifications. The control unit can be installed and removed without leaving traces, no mechanical modifications are needed, and the ECU control unit is not reprogrammed, everything remains exactly as stock. Installing the CHIPBOX PETROL allows you to obtain an increase in power of +70hp from the turbocharged six-cylinder engine, as well as a significant increase in torque of +120Nm, resulting in a final maximum torque value of an impressive 770 Nm. This increase in torque and power allows the M4 Competition to push hard, with very fast accelerations and overtakes. But that's not all.

How to further increase the engine responsiveness of the BMW M4 Competition

With the PEDALBOOSTER® additional module, you can enhance the responsiveness of the accelerator pedal by up to 100%, even directly from your smartphone! The additional control unit for the accelerator pedal PEDALBOOSTER® significantly improves acceleration by eliminating throttle valve delay, thus ensuring a more immediate and responsive response from the M4. Installation is quick and easy, connecting to the electronic accelerator pedal using the original connectors, immediately improving engine response.

By choosing PEDALBOOSTER® CONNECT, you can synchronize the additional module with your smartphone via Bluetooth. This allows you to customize the pedal response in real-time using an intuitive and user-friendly graphical interface. Forget about cables and enjoy the convenience of the new dedicated APP! It reduces the delay caused by the natural movement of the accelerator pedal, ensuring a more immediate response. You can adjust the sensitivity of the accelerator pedal directly from your smartphone without manual intervention, the dedicated application allows you to customize the pedal response according to your preferences, offering a tailored driving experience.

How to increase the engine sound of the BMW M4 Competition

We've discussed how to upgrade the BMW M4 Competition G22-23-26, increasing the power from 510hp to 580hp, then explained how to achieve an even more responsive and engaging engine response. Now, if you want to get a more powerful sound, you can also install the EVC-SPORT® Exhaust Valve Control on your BMW M4 Competition, which ensures maximum control of the sound by allowing you to adjust the exhaust valve directly from the remote control. It is an additional control unit that interfaces directly with the exhaust valve. By installing it on your vehicle, you can electronically control the opening and closing of the exhaust valve to achieve a more powerful sound. Equipped with a wireless remote control, you can choose, comfortably seated at the wheel, whether the exhaust valve should be controlled by the stock system or remain open, providing a very sporty and exciting sound, especially when combined with the CHIPBOX PETROL Chip Tuning control unit that boosts the power of the BMW turbocharged six-cylinder to 580 horsepower!

With the EVC-SPORT® additional control unit, you can open the exhaust valve at any time and with immediate effect. The sound of the M4 Competition will be more intense even at idle or low speeds. You can activate the standard automatic mode at any time with opening and closing controlled directly by the ECU. You can install the additional EVC SPORT® module yourself by downloading the practical guide, without having to follow complex configuration procedures or manage cables.

For maximum performance, maximum driving pleasure, and to customize your BMW M4 Competition G22-23-26, you can install all three kits with incredible success. Here's what you can achieve:

  • Increase in power of +70 horsepower
  • Increase in torque of +120 Nm
  • Increased engine responsiveness
  • Extremely sporty sound even at low revs
  • Exciting engine response
  • Greater acceleration
  • Greater overtaking ability
  • Ability to adjust engine response from your smartphone
  • Ability to decide on the engine sound while driving

We remind you that all our kits are designed and manufactured exclusively in Italy with the most advanced technologies for electronic tuning and with the best automotive components on the market. All additional control units come with wiring harnesses with specific original BMW connectors for quick installation and possible removal. No mechanical or electronic modifications are required, the stock BMW ECU control unit is not physically tampered with, and no internal file is overwritten (which could leave indelible traces and invalidate any warranty). It is the installation of external kits that work in perfect harmony with the stock engine control unit, increasing power and torque, and therefore performance and driving pleasure. All kits are covered by the official SELETRON warranty and also enjoy the important TUV Austria certification.

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