#Chip Tuning Maserati Grecale

06 / January 2024
Chip Tuning Maserati Grecale

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Maserati Grecale, Standard Performance and Chip Tuning


Today, let's talk about something special—Maserati's second SUV, the Grecale, from the iconic trident brand. Maserati, a source of Italian pride, has already ventured into the SUV realm with the Levante, which we discussed (in the turbodiesel version) in a previous article you can find here: Centralina-Aggiuntiva-Maserati-Levante


The new SUV is named Grecale. Usually, we don't delve into dimensions, but today we'll make an exception, recalling the measurements of this sporty model: it is 485 cm long, 198 cm wide, and 166 cm tall. It uses a variant of the "Giorgio" platform (also used by the Alfa Romeo Stelvio but without common components), features vertically developed headlights, and lines reminiscent of the MC20.


In driving condition, the weight approaches almost 2 tons. At the time of writing, there are three engine options: two versions of the 4-cylinder with a displacement of 1995cc (with powers of 300hp or 330hp, respectively for the GT and Modena versions), and a unique version of the "Nettuno" 3-liter V6 twin-turbo engine with 2 turbochargers derived from the one used in the MC20. The Grecale's 3000 V6, used in the Trofeo version, employs pre-chamber ignition, two injectors per cylinder, and two spark plugs per cylinder. The transmission is an 8-speed automatic connected to a sophisticated all-wheel-drive system (on all versions).


Maserati Grecale Standard Performance


As usual, we won't discuss trim levels, accessories, or interior features. Instead, we'll focus on the declared performance data and provide some information on electronically tuning the Maserati Grecale.

Let's start with the engines and their respective declared standard performances:


Maserati Grecale GT 2.0 turbo 300hp

Maximum torque 450Nm

0-100 acceleration in 5.6 seconds

Top speed 240 km/h

Power increase +45HP

Torque increase +75Nm


Maserati Grecale Modena 2.0 turbo 330hp

Maximum torque 450Nm

0-100 acceleration in 5.3 seconds

Top speed 240 km/h

Power increase +35HP

Torque increase +65Nm


Maserati Grecale Trofeo 3.0 V6 bi-turbo 530hp

Maximum torque 620Nm

0-100 acceleration in 3.8 seconds

Top speed 285 km/h

Power increase +55HP

Torque increase +105Nm


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In this case too, you should know that we have developed specific kits for tuning Maserati Grecale, as with other trident versions. These are external Chip Tuning control units (Made in Italy), complete with Plug&Play wiring for easy and secure installation. Before discussing tuning, remember that these kits can be easily installed and removed without leaving traces. The warranty remains valid, and all engine checks remain the responsibility of the original Maserati control unit.


Maserati Grecale Trofeo 3.0 V6 bi-turbo 530hp Performance Increase


Let's discuss how the Nettuno engine can be electronically tuned and what can be achieved in terms of power and torque. The kit we propose connects to the original connectors on the V6 engine's wiring—no mechanical or electronic modifications are required, and as mentioned earlier, everything can be quickly reverted to standard performance.


The CHIPBOX additional Chip Tuning control unit acts through specific internal digital maps on the injection system and turbo pressure control system. The maximum power increase on the Grecale Trofeo is an impressive +55hp, while torque increases by a significant 105Nm, bringing the maximum value to over 720Nm! The maximum power reaches peaks of 580hp, with performance that you can only imagine! The all-wheel-drive system fortunately allows you to make the most of this immense power and torque, with the thrust felt in every gear!


As mentioned in the article about the Maserati Levante Diesel, we also highlight these great advantages for this Grecale petrol turbo:


  1. Increased engine performance
  2. Reduced fuel consumption
  3. Better driving experience
  4. Reduced turbo lag
  5. Easy installation and uninstallation of the control unit


As with other Maserati tuning options, we emphasize that this is not an ECU remapping but the simple installation of an external kit that works in perfect harmony with the car's original control unit. Another very interesting aspect is that you can monitor the torque and power of your Grecale through your smartphone. When purchasing, choose the CHIPBOX CONNECT additional Chip Tuning control units, which enable communication between the control unit's electronics and the app created by SELETRON. Simply install the app on your smartphone, and with a touch on the screen, you can decide the engine power for your Maserati!


Also, remember that all kits are made in Italy with the best automotive components and advanced technology for electronic tuning. All kits come with original connectors for easy installation and removal, and they are accompanied by clear instructions complete with photos of the engine where the additional control unit should be installed. SELETRON kits also have TUV Austria certification, providing additional assurance of the project's quality.


You can get immediately:

+ Acceleration

+ Response

+ Speed

No mechanical modifications

No electronic modifications

No ECU remapping

No loss of warranty


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