#BMW Serie 2 Chip tuning additional units

07 / July 2023
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BMW Serie 2 Chip tuning additional units

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BMW Serie 2 Chip tuning additional units

Today we are talking about another BMW car that is starting to grow in popularity on the road. It is one of the "small" cars from the Bavarian automaker, a sports car that has inserted itself between the smaller 1 Series and the very famous 3 Series. That's right, we are talking about BMW 2 Series. It also comes in a wide range of motorizations, like the German automaker has accustomed us to for many years, and there really is a powertrain for all tastes and needs. Also, today, we will not be able to talk about all these engines and all the possible electronic tuning options, but we will focus on the most interesting or popular powertrains. We will go over the power and torque gains that can be obtained, and we will do this by separating the diesel 2 Series from the gasoline-powered ones; let's get started!


Tuning the BMW 2 Series Diesel with a chip tuning unit

Let's start with the less powerful 214d that mounts the 95hp 1496cc. Those who bought this engine might be the first to feel a lack of liveliness when driving. Let's remember, however, that we are talking about BMW, a brand that pays a lot of attention to driving pleasure, and usually, the chassis, set-up, and brakes are very much oriented in that direction. Here we have a modest output, of precisely 95 horsepower, with torque that today (and in view of the mass) is certainly not high at 220 Nm.


Even the 216d with the same displacement is not lightning fast, but at least it has 270 Nm of torque and 116 horsepower; not a lot but certainly more suitable to move the 2 Series. The good news is that you can get excellent increases in horsepower and torque on both of these engines, simply, effectively, and completely reversibly; read on for details about this opportunity. The 218d starts to be more balanced with its 150 hp of power and 330 Nm provided by 4-cylinder 2-liter common rail, the 220d with 190 hp and 400Nm of maximum torque already has better performance and is often preferred by sporty driving enthusiasts, just as it is the same sporty driving enthusiasts who, often, also become tuning enthusiasts! We are here for them, too, so let's see the margins of increase these engines get with the installation of the CHIPBOX chip tuning module:


Power increases obtainable for the BMW Diesel 2 Series

BMW 214d 95hp

+ 22hp power increase

+ 44Nm torque increase


BMW 216d 116hp

+ 23hp power increase

+ 52Nm torque increase


BMW 218d 150hp

+ 28hp power increase

+ 57Nm torque increase


BMW 220d 190hp

+ 36hp power increase

+ 80Nm torque increase


As you can see, the less powerful 2 Series diesels gain noticeable increases in power and torque that make up for the modest standard performance. The 214d and 216d get an increase of more than 20 horsepower and a good dose of extra engine torque, changing the driving dynamics, making them resemble their "big sisters," and making them more competitive even against direct competitors from other brands. The 218d and especially the 220d versions, which mount the 4-cylinder common rail with decidedly more robust power and torque values, gain as much as 28hp and 36hp with an increase in maximum torque that on the most powerful is even +80Nm! This means getting a Series 2 Diesel with about 225 horsepower and 480Nm of maximum torque, a value that an excellent 3-liter turbodiesel delivered in the past few years!


The advantages you get with the CHIPBOX on a BMW 2 Series

Maximum driving satisfaction

No irreversible modifications

Quick and easy assembly/disassembly

High power increase

High torque increase

Optimized fuel consumption

No loss of warranty

All engine controls remain active

With the CONNECT versions of CHIPBOX, you can control the power of your 2 Series from your smartphone; what are you waiting for?

Find your BMW chip tuning additional unit here > https://seletron.com/en/shop/bmw/


Power increases obtainable on the BMW 2 Series turbo-gasoline

We talked about how you can electronically tune your 2 Series Diesel without losing your warranty, without remapping the ECU, and with the ability to restore everything to stock condition. We also mentioned (yes, you read that right) that you can even select engine power through your smartphone by ordering the CONNECT version of CHIPBOX (you can decide this at checkout after you put your kit in your cart). Now, let's talk about what power and torque gains you can get on gasoline engines!


BMW 218i 136hp

+ 23hp power increase

+ 40Nm torque increase


BMW 220i 184hp

+ 35hp power increase

+ 54Nm torque increase


BMW 230i 252hp

+ 44hp power increase

+ 60Nm torque increase


BMW M235i 326hp

+ 62hp power increase

+ 90Nm torque increase


BMW M240i 374hp

+ 55hp power increase

+ 90Nm torque increase


BMW M2 Competition 410hp

+ 55hp power increase

+ 80Nm torque increase


As you can see, the numbers speak for themselves, but you can't imagine how the driving dynamics change on your turbocharged gasoline 2 Series after installing the CHIPBOX chip tuner. Again, the less powerful versions gain the power and torque needed to ensure excellent performance, especially in acceleration and pickup, while the sportier versions become wild with exuberant delivery. Just think of the more than 460 horsepower and 630Nm of maximum torque of the "monstrous" BMW M2 Competition electronically tuned by SELETRON!

In summary, the BMW's ECU is left unharmed (do you know that certain software writing operations in the ECU, even if done via OBD, are indelible?), and there are no mechanical modifications, no cables to cut, just simply plugging in some connectors on the engine harness. It is a clean, safe, and completely reversible operation that makes this kind of electronic tuning smart.


BMW 2 Series accelerator pedal module

That's not all; for your 2 Series gasoline or diesel, we have also prepared a PEDALBOOSTER, the module that mounts on the accelerator pedal position sensor and eliminates the annoying delay in engine response to driver commands! You can select various levels of accelerator pedal response and make driving even more sporty and engaging.


Both the BMW kits, meaning the CHIPBOX power/torque increase chip tuning unit and the PEDALBOOSTER electronic module to increase engine readiness, can also be ordered in the CONNECT version. Thanks to Bluetooth technology and thanks our app, you can control the power and delivery of the 2 Series directly from your smartphone! Amazing, isn't it? Instead, it's pure SELETRON technology already acclaimed in many countries around the world, and you can have it right away simply by ordering the kits you prefer online.


All our kits are built with the best automotive components, and all come with clear instructions complete with photos for easy and safe do-it-yourself assembly. Our kits are covered by an official SELETRON warranty and are TUV Austria certified, another factor that guarantees their design quality.


To tune your BMW 2 Series without voiding your warranty, click here and search for your engine > https://seletron.com/en/shop/bmw/


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