#Tune the Alfa Romeo Tonale 1.5 Turbo with Chip Tuning

19 / June 2023
Tune the Alfa Romeo Tonale 1.5 Turbo with Chip Tuning

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How to tune the Alfa Romeo Tonale 1.5 Turbo without remapping the ECU


This new Alfa Romeo SUV immediately became quite interesting for several reasons, and we will focus on the option of electronic chip tuning it that, without remapping the Alfa Romeo ECU with its possible consequence, increases performance by raising the power and torque values of the 1500 turbo-fuel 4-cylinder engine. Before talking about electronic chip tuning and its advantages, let's take a moment to see how the Alfa Romeo Tonale 1.5T runs as standard in the two power versions available.


Want to get down to business and tune your Alfa Romeo right away?


Tonale 1.5T 130hp > https://seletron.com/en/shop/alfa-romeo/tonale-2022-/1-5-t-130hp-96kw-1469ccm

Tonale 1.5T 160hphttps://seletron.com/en/shop/alfa-romeo/tonale-2022-/1-5-t-160hp-118kw-1469ccm/

Standard Alfa Romeo Tonale 1.5 Turbo Performance


As mentioned, this SUV is offered with two different power variants. The engines have the same displacement with 1469 cc, 4 cylinders with a multi-valve cylinder head, and the supercharging is with a turbocharger and intercooler. The maximum torque is the same for the two engines, 240Nm, but it is the distribution of torque towards the mid to high revs that determines the two different power levels, 130hp or 160hp. These are both Mild Hybrid engines with a 7-speed gearbox and front-wheel drive. The mass is indicatively around 1600 kg but remember that fittings, type of wheels, etc., can make this value vary a little. That said, let's look at the standard performance of the Alfa Romeo Tonale 1.5T.


Alfa Romeo Tonale 1.5T 130hp

Maximum speed around 198 km/h

0-100 km/h acceleration around 9.9 seconds


Alfa Romeo Tonale 1.5T 160cv

Maximum speed around 212 km/h

0-100 km/h acceleration around 8.8 seconds


Alfa Romeo Tonale 1.5 Turbo Electronic Chip Tuning


Alfa Romeo is a brand that has trained us to expect a certain level of performance; this SUV also has a fairly sporty and pleasant feel thanks also to the chassis and trim. Some buyers of Tonale 1.5T want more from the turbocharged gasoline engine, especially those who chose the less powerful 130hp version.


As mentioned, the maximum torque is the same for the two versions and peaks at 240Nm, not a lot to move a mass of about 16 quintals. The less powerful version also suffers a little bit in acceleration, and the approximately 10-second time for the classic 0-100 passage seems a little bit underwhelming on the Tonale today.


However, at SELETRON, we are once again here to satisfy the finest palates (or heaviest feet) for those who are looking for more performance and greater driving satisfaction. Therefore, let's immediately look at how we can tune the Tonale without remapping the ECU. Remember that remapping the stock ECU can cause engine problems if done by people who are not very experienced. Moreover, it is an invasive modification that leaves indelible traces and can void the engine warranty.


We have developed two different kits for the Tonale 1500 turbo. The first is used to increase torque and power, and thus performance. It is an easily installable/removable kit that requires no modifications called CHIPBOX. The second kit attaches to the accelerator pedal sensor (also easily and without leaving traces) and minimizes the engine's response lag to the driver's commands providing additional driving enjoyment and reducing the Tonale's heavy feel. This now popular second kit is the PEDALBOOSTER, and it can be set to various levels to suit all riding conditions. Before we tell you any more that you'll probably enjoy, here are the power and torque gains achievable on your Alfa Romeo:


Alfa Romeo Tonale 1.5T 130hp

Power increase of + 25hp

Maximum torque increase of+ 40Nm


Alfa Romeo Tonale 1.5T 160hp

Power increase of + 35hp

Maximum torque increase of + 40Nm


As you can see, these are very good increases in power and torque. The more powerful version approaches the 200hp threshold with a maximum torque of 280Nm, much better suited to move the Tonale dynamically, and this value is felt in the driving experience! In particular, acceleration and pickup are much more effective, and, especially if you combine both the CHIPBOX chip tuning additional unit and the PEDALBOOSTER electronic module, your driving experience becomes much more engaging and sporty! 


That's not all; both kits are available in the CONNECT version, and by ordering them, you can control the power, torque, and engine output of your Tonale from your smartphone! It sounds incredible, but it is a SELETRON reality! An APP developed by us allows you to select the standard or increased power output on your Alfa Romeo with one touch on your smartphone's screen.


If you want to increase the performance of the Alfa Romeo Tonale 1.5T in a safe and completely reversible way, order your upgrade kit and (we recommend) also the accelerator pedal module here!


Tonale 1.5T 130hp > https://seletron.com/en/shop/alfa-romeo/tonale-2022-/1-5-t-130hp-96kw-1469ccm/

Tonale 1.5T 160hp > https://seletron.com/en/shop/alfa-romeo/tonale-2022-/1-5-t-160hp-118kw-1469ccm/


Remember that all kits offered are Made in Italy and built with the best automotive components, complete with wiring harnesses for quick installation and removal. The kit includes clear instructions with photos for easy and safe installation. SELETRON kits also enjoy the important TUV Austria certification and are covered by a 2-year warranty.


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