#Tuning for the Audi S3 with a chip tuning unit

10 / May 2023
Tuning for the Audi S3 with a chip tuning unit

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Tuning the Audi S3 with a chip tuning unit without remapping the ECU


When it comes to compact sports cars, one cannot help but think of the S3, the "little" sports car from Audi's stable that has always won over lovers of sporty driving and, often, consequently, tuning enthusiasts as well. The first versions of the S3 already touched the hearts of many sportsmen, young and old, and the 4-cylinder turbocharged 1800 was very popular. It was strong with its 225hp expressed at 5900 rpm and equipped with a maximum torque of 280Nm, combined with excellent all-wheel drive and 6-speed manual transmission, enabling respectable performance with a top speed of 243km/h and 0-100 acceleration in about 6.6 seconds.



Audi S3's engines and performances


Following the S3s with the turbocharged 1800 engine, several versions appeared that were equipped with a 2-liter 4-cylinder and a direct gasoline injection system and turbocharging with a turbocharger and intercooler. Let's have a look at them:


Audi S3 8P 2.0TFSI 265hp 350Nm

Audi S3 8V 2.0TFSI 286hp 380Nm

Audi S3 8V 2.0TFSI 300hp 380Nm

Audi S3 8V 2.0TFSI 310hp 400Nm

Audi S3 8Y 2.0TFSI 310hp 400Nm


These engines all have a 1984cc displacement with an inline 4-cylinder architecture and a multi-valve cylinder head with a double overhead camshaft. The most powerful of the S3s (at least among the models we are talking about) also relies on a very viable all-wheel drive and a 7-speed sequential gearbox and reaches a top speed of an impressive 250 km/h and a 4.8 second zero to one hundred sprint.


Electronic tuning of the Audi S3 without remapping the ECU


If you also have an S3 and want to tune it to increase performance, you should know there is a smart alternative to remapping the ECU. We are talking about installing our CHIPBOX kit, which consists of a special quick-mount digital chip tuning additional unit capable of managing certain engine parameters related to the injection system and boost pressure. The result of installing this external kit is an excellent increase in the torque and maximum power values of the S3 engine. In a little while, we will tell you what horsepower and Nm gains are obtainable on the various S3 engines. First, however, we want you to know that, unlike with electronic ECU remapping, this is a quickly installable and removable external kit. Since there are no irreversible modifications, everything can be restored to stock condition without leaving a trace and, therefore, without risking voiding the manufacturer's warranty.


Increase the power and torque of the Audi S3 without remapping the ECU


With the simple and safe installation of the CHIPBOX chip tuning module, you immediately get a major increase in maximum torque and power figures. Furthermore, when combined with careful driving, you can optimize gasoline consumption at medium and low loads. Let's now look at the numbers you've been waiting for:


Audi S3 8P 2.0TFSI 265hp 350Nm

+50hp Power Increase

+70Nm Max torque increase


Audi S3 8V 2.0TFSI 286hp 380Nm

+54hp Power Increase

+76Nm Max torque increase


Audi S3 8V 2.0TFSI 300hp 380Nm

+42hp Power Increase

+60Nm Max torque increase


Audi S3 8V 2.0TFSI 310hp 400Nm

+42hp Power Increase

+65Nm Max torque increase


Audi S3 8Y 2.0TFSI 310hp 400Nm

+44hp Power Increase

+65Nm Max torque increase


As you can see, these are safely generated high power and torque increases that, of course, result in enhanced performance. Can you imagine how zippy the S3 becomes with an output of over 350 horsepower and a maximum torque of 465Nm? What if you could choose your S3's engine power through one simple touch of your smartphone's screen? We have thought of that too; if you order the CONNECT version of CHIPBOX, you can manage engine power and torque through a specific APP that you can install on your smartphone, whether Android or iOS, amazing isn't it? You certainly can't do this by remapping the stock ECU, which, among other things, can leave indelible records that can void the manufacturer's warranty.


Audi S3 accelerator pedal chip tuning modules, what are they for?


We just told you how you can increase the power, torque, and performance of your S3. What we haven't told you about yet, is the option to install a second kit (again with quick installation and removal) on the accelerator pedal position sensor. With this chip tuning additional unit called PEDALBOOSTER, you can eliminate the lag in engine response to accelerator pedal commands. Not only that, this additional module has different settings (City, Sport, Race, Plus) to adapt to every driving circumstance. The TOUCH version employs a small wired control with which you can select your preferred driving mode, while the CONNECT version uses the same communication technology as the CHIPBOX CONNECT chip tuning unit to connect to your smartphone and give you the ability to manage your S3's engine response from the screen, just install our specific free APP! The driving pleasure becomes much more engaging, and in combination with the engine enhancement unit your S3 will become unrecognizable!


The best chip tuning units for the Audi S3


All our kits are designed and manufactured in Italy with the most advanced electronic tuning technologies and the best automotive components on the market. All chip-tuning additional units come with wiring harnesses with dedicated genuine Audi connectors for fast installation and removal, if necessary. No mechanical or electronic modifications are required, the stock ECU is not physically tampered with, and no internal files are overwritten (which could leave indelible traces and void any warranty). This is the installation of an external kit that works in perfect harmony with the stock engine ECU increasing power and torque, thus also increasing performance and driving enjoyment. All kits are covered by the official SELETRON warranty and also enjoy the important TUV Austria Certification. With CHIPBOX and PEDALBOOSTER, you can:


- Increase the power of the S3 (up to +44hp, depending on the model)

- Increase the torque of the S3 (up to +65Nm, depending on the model)

- Increase acceleration and recovery

- Optimize gasoline consumption

- Increase engine responsiveness

- Increase driving enjoyment

- Control power, torque, and response from your smartphone (with CONNECT versions)

- Easily install and remove the kit yourself

- Never risk losing the manufacturer's warranty


If you want to electronically tune your Audi S3 to increase performance, search for your exact model here >>> https://seletron.com/en/shop/audi/