#Increase the performance on the Mercedes A35 AMG 306hp without remapping

28 / April 2023
Increase the performance on the Mercedes A35 AMG 306hp without remapping

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How to increase the performance of a Mercedes A 35 AMG 306hp without remapping the engine control unit


We recently talked about a German compact sports car, the Audi S3, with its different powertrains and additional chip tuning units. Today let's talk about another compact sports car with many high-tech features and which has quite a few things in common with the S3 just mentioned, namely the Mercedes A 35 AMG 306hp (W177). This car is very comprable to the S3, so let's see what they have in common and how to increase its performance without remapping the ECU.


Mercedes A 35 AMG 306hp standard specs and performance


The A-Class in question, with that beautiful AMG lettering on the back (which guarantees exciting performance and an exciting ride), carries a powerful 2-liter engine (1991cc to be precise) with a 4-cylinder in-line architecture, twin-shaft cylinder head with 4 valves per cylinder, refined gasoline injection system, turbocharging with a generously charged turbocharger, and intercooler. Sophisticated electronics oversee the operation of all engine systems while providing assuredly impressive performance (although lower than that of the remarkable A45 S with its 421hp delivered by a similar 2-liter).


It has a permanent all-wheel drive connected to a 7-speed sequential gearbox. The performance of the Mercedes A 35 AMG 306hp is remarkable, with a 250Km/h top speed and 0-100 acceleration in 4.7 seconds! Did we discuss what this A 35 AMG and Audi S3 8Y 2.0TFSI with 310hp have in common? Lots of things. Let's start with displacement and architecture. Both have 2-liter 4-cylinders with multi-valve cylinder heads, direct gasoline injection, and are supercharged with 1 turbocharger and intercooler. They have similar horsepower (310hp Audi, 306hp Mercedes), identical maximum torque with a value of 400Nm, self-limited top speed of 250Km/h for both, and 0-100 acceleration time that are virtually equal. Transmission is also very similar, as both have seven-speed sequential gearboxes and permanent all-wheel drive!


How to electronically tune the Mercedes A 35 AMG 306hp without remapping the engine control unit


As with other sports models, we have developed a special chip tuning unit for this Mercedes capable of acting on both the injection and boost pressure control systems. On that note, let us quickly recap the main highlights of CHIPBOX. Due to proper management of fuel and turbine pressure, you can achieve very attractive performance gains. As far as gasoline consumption is concerned, thanks to increased torque and higher engine efficiency, fuel consumption is reduced by up to 10%.


You can modify the mapping of the chip tuning additional module using the dedicated software, even on the road (for dealers and installers only). By optimizing injection and improving torque, there is a reduction in turbo lag (increased engine readiness). The wiring harness with original connectors allows easy installation without modifying the car's wiring system. The CHIPBOX® chip tuner is designed and manufactured with all TÜV safety and EMC requirements. As we have explained on other occasions, and when talking about the Audi S3, our kit is an easily installable external kit that does not require any electronic or mechanical modifications and can be removed quickly and without voiding the engine's warranty, a major advantage over remapping the ECU. Let's move on to the data you've probably been waiting to see for several minutes, namely those related to the power and torque gains achievable with a Mercedes A 35 AMG 306hp. We'll satisfy you right away as CHIPBOX gets you an immediate power increase of 35 horsepower and a maximum torque increase of 35Nm for a total of 435Nm and about 340 maximum horsepower! A very good result, don't you think?


Mercedes A 35 AMG accelerator pedal chip tuning unit


Now that you know how to increase the power, torque, and performance of your A 35 AMG, you also need to know about installing a second kit (again with quick assembly and disassembly without alterations) on the accelerator pedal position sensor. With PEDALBOOSTER, you can eliminate the delay in engine response to accelerator pedal commands. PEDALBOOSTER has different settings (City, Sport, Race, Plus) to adapt to any driving condition. The TOUCH version uses a small wired switch with which you can select your preferred driving mode. The CONNECT version utilizes the same communication technology as the CHIPBOX CONNECT chip tuning unit to connect to your smartphone and give you the ability to manage the engine response of your A 35 AMG from the screen; just install our specific free APP!


Right! We forgot to tell you that you can decide at any time what power the 2-liter turbo Mercedes should deliver from the comfort of your smartphone. To do this, you have to order the CHIPBOX CONNECT kit, through which you will make your Mercedes A 35 AMG unique.


What you can achieve by tuning the Mercedes A 35 AMG 306hp with CHIPBOX without remapping the ECU

Increase the power of the A 35 AMG to over 340hp

Increase the torque of the A 35 AMG to 435Nm

Increase acceleration

Increase recovery

Optimize gasoline consumption

Increase engine responsiveness

Increase driving pleasure

You control power, torque, and responsiveness from your smartphone (with CONNECT versions)

You can install and disassemble the kit yourself without any problems on your A-Class

You don't risk losing your Mercedes warranty