#Maserati MC20 Sport Exhaust System

15 / April 2023
Maserati MC20 Sport Exhaust System

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Maserati MC20 Tuning: Sporty exhaust system.


Today let's talk about tuning the exhaust system of an extreme sports car: the exuberant Maserati MC20. This car features an engine with a unique fuel injection system and very exciting performance. Before we talk about the sport exhaust system with valve elimination, let's talk briefly about this Italian thoroughbred.



Maserati MC20

Maserati MC20 Spec sheet and performance


As mentioned above, we are discussing an extraordinary car capable of exhilarating performance. Let's start with the spec sheet that threatens to belittle the MC20 project but which appeals so much to our readers who want data in hand so they can make comparisons and (at least for some) daydream. The numbers are really out there this time. First, the engine base of this Maserati is the mechanical evolution of the Ferrari F154 FA and the Ferrari SF90 Stradale engine named Nettuno.


Before we even get to the usual numbers, we want to say that on this car, there are only about 1500 kilograms for the horsepower to push. Some will have figured out where we are going with this by now. Our V6 has a 3-liter displacement with the cylinders arranged in a V shape with a 90° angle between the cylinder banks. Compared to V6s with a 60° angle, this arrangement further lowers the center of gravity; the dry-sump lubrication system also contributes to this, besides ensuring proper lubrication even under strong transverse and longitudinal acceleration.


Now let's look at the maximum torque value, which is 730Nm, meaning that, unless the engine is rotating at well over 10,000 rpm, it must be supercharged. And indeed it is: two turbines draw power from the exhaust gases from each bank and compress the air through intercoolers to the intake manifolds. Here the specific torque is about 243 Nm/L (243 newton meters per liter of displacement), a far cry from the approximately 100-110 Nm/L of a naturally aspirated gasoline engine.


Getting back to the topic, the two turbochargers pump compressed and cooled air to the intake manifolds, where there are 2 valves per cylinder for the intake (4 valves per cylinder in total) with a unique injection system called MTC (Maserati Twin Combustion) that also includes a small pre-combustion chamber, a previously unseen design on these engines, plus the ignition system with two spark plugs per cylinder. Now we come to the most popular figure, namely that of maximum power, and yes, there is plenty of power with 630 horsepower developed at 7500 rpm, which is high for a twin-turbocharged engine.


Maximum torque is delivered at 3000-5500 rpm. This impressive force is applied to an 8-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. The performance is impressive, and the classic 0-100 sprint is covered in just 2.9 seconds, while 200 km/h can be reached in less than 9 seconds. Regarding top speed, Maserati claims a top speed of 325 km/h for this MC20. The acronym MC20 stands for Maserati Corse, with a nod to the year 2020, the year the brand returned to racing.


Exhaust tuning for the Maserati MC20


This car goes hard, very hard, but that does not mean that the lucky MC20 owners are not seeking tuning solutions to increase its performance and driving enjoyment. We can only say good things about this Maserati; however, we have dealt, directly and indirectly, with several MC20 owners, more than you might think given the list price, and we have realized that at least some of these super-demanding drivers are also looking for power increases. However, more so, a sound appropriate to the performance is what is really missing!


It seems that quite a few people have been a tad bit disappointed with the engine sound (unless pushed to its very limits) especially considering its great performance and technology. The V6 rumbles, don't get us wrong, but we are dealing here with a sporty thoroughbred, and if we were used to the "old" 4200cc V8s, these new twin-turbo V6s have a somewhat choked sound. Some people settle for the dynamic features, while others are looking for more engagement, and we are here for that too.


We have also spent a long time developing a kit to increase the power and torque of this great supercharged V6, but that is not what we will talk about. Today we want to bring your attention to a specific kit that allows the driver of the Maserati MC20 to enjoy a sound worthy of this engine. We are talking about a cat-back exhaust system that allows you to enhance the sound of the Neptune V6 Maserati engine.


Maserati MC20 Sporty exhaust


The exhaust system developed by Josefin Garage is completely made of stainless steel. As the stock valves are only used for backpressure management and not for sound intensity management, they were removed, and, thanks to the LIN exhaust valve emulators we developed for this MC20, you get better acoustic performance.

The management of the different driving modes (Wet, GT, Sport, Corsa, & Esc Off) stays the same.

The exhaust for the Maserati MC20 has been fitted with a patented high-density steel, aluminum, and mineral fiber heat shield to ensure perfect gas fluid dynamics and external heat protection equal to the original system.


In STAGE 2, the two original OPF/GPFs are replaced by the two high-efficiency downpipes. They undergo a high-temperature ceramic treatment to increase fluid dynamics and reduce heat loss. This treatment also gives the downpipe it's characteristic matte black coloring.


XPF Emulator for OPF/GPF Maserati MC20


In order to be able to eliminate the two OPF/GPF on this Maserati MC20 (which is exclusively for racing and not street use), we developed a specific XPF particulate filter emulator.

The kit consists of a control unit that is connected to the engine and OPF/GPF sensors allowing 100% emulation of the presence of the particulate filter without the original control unit noticing an anomaly.

This allows an improvement in sound and a fair increase in performance.

As with all our kits, installation is done through genuine connectors, and there is no permanent tampering, allowing things to be easily returned to the original configurations.



Contact us for more information or to order the special kit for tuning the Maserati MC20's exhaust system, and, remember, come back and read our articles to find out what surprises we are preparing for the lucky owners of this supercar who want to further boost the MC20's performance.


Key specs of the standard Maserati MC20

630 horsepower engine rating

Maximum power output speed 7500rpm

Maximum torque 730Nm

Maximum torque output speed 3000 to 5500 rpm

3000 displacement

6V engine architecture at a 90° angle

Supercharged with 2 turbochargers

MTC (Maserati Twin Combustion) injection system

Twin Spark ignition system (2 spark plugs per cylinder)

0-100 acceleration 2.9 seconds

0-200 acceleration less than 9 seconds

Top speed 325 km/h

8-speed automatic transmission with dual-clutch

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Maserati MC20