#Chip Tuning Ford Fiesta 1.5 ST Ecoboost without remapping

25 / February 2023
Chip Tuning Ford Fiesta 1.5 ST Ecoboost without remapping

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Tuning for Ford Fiesta 1.5 ST Ecoboost from 200hp to 228hp without ECU remapping

Who would have thought a few years ago that a 1.5-liter 3-cylinder engine would embarrass cars with much larger engines and more cylinders? Yet, that's the case. Today we're talking about a small Ford sports car, a brand that we don't talk about very often, but which in certain cases (like this one) is of interest. Today we're talking about the Ford Fiesta 1.5 ST Ecoboost with 200hp, which has been in production since 2017 and is powered by a gritty 1497cc 3-cylinder turbocharged engine that can deliver up to 200 horsepower!

Of course, it's a modern engine, with 4 valves per cylinder and sophisticated electronic management of the injection and turbocharging system. The turbocharged gasoline 3-cylinder is mounted on the Fiesta ST version, which has a weight between 12 and 13 quintals, ensuring interesting performance that we'll now take a look at. As the top speed, we have a declared value of 232 km/h, while the classic 0-100 acceleration value is declared in 6.5 seconds. The engine delivers maximum power at 6000 rpm but is usable up to about 6500 rpm, with a maximum torque peak of 290Nm, an unthinkable value for a 1500cc engine, even if it is turbocharged.

The chassis and suspension, as well as the brakes and transmission (which can also have a limited-slip differential), accommodate the engine, and the Fiesta ST is quite satisfying to drive, also thanks to its sound. For those who want to enjoy driving this Ford sports car even more, there are some interesting possibilities, specifically, we're talking about what we can do in terms of electronic chip tuning to increase the performance of the 1.5 ST Ecoboost with 200hp, bringing it to 228hp and up to 345Nm of maximum torque!

As anticipated in the title, to increase the power from 200 horsepower to 228 horsepower with a maximum torque increase of 55Nm, there's no need to remap the ECU (with the negative aspects that this can cause), it's sufficient to install the SELETRON kit designed to safely process the Ford Ecoboost turbocharged 3-cylinder! The CHIPBOX kit comes complete with clear instructions for easy installation, consisting of a digital additional chip tuning unit produced in Italy and automotive wiring with specific connectors for easy and safe installation on the engine wiring.

The CHIPBOX additional chip tuning unit intervenes in the management of the engine's fuel supply and turbo management, leaving all the controls active by the car's ECU. The original control unit (ECU) is not touched at all, neither mechanically or reprogrammed via serial (which would leave indelible marks). The entire kit can be easily installed and removed to bring the Fiesta back to its original conditions!

The 3-cylinder turbo engine gains an impressive 28 horsepower with an even stronger and sportier torque curve, thanks to its low mass and engine sound. The ST Ecoboost becomes truly ferocious in acceleration and pickup. The kit has been developed for several years, but we've just recently upgraded several Fiesta ST models, which is why we want to talk about it today. But we haven't told you one very interesting thing yet, which is that the CONNECT version of CHIPBOX is also available for this Ford model. If you read us regularly, you probably already know what it is, but it's worth reminding you! With the CHIPBOX CONNECT kit, you can select the power of your Fiesta ST using your smartphone! Yes, you can decide whether the engine should deliver 200 horsepower/290Nm or 228 horsepower/345Nm, all through the specific app designed by SELETRON.


How to further increase driving pleasure on the Ford Fiesta ST

So far, there is great material to entice tuning enthusiasts, but there's more, so keep reading! We talked about the kit to easily upgrade the Fiesta ST by increasing power and torque, but you can also have a second kit that allows you to make the turbo engine much more responsive. It's an additional electronic module called PEDALBOOSTER that easily connects to the accelerator pedal position sensor without modifications. With this module, which, like CHIPBOX, you can also order in CONNECT version, you can decide the engine's response level to accelerator commands. The driving pleasure increases even more, providing an extremely prompt response from the 3-cylinder turbo! This second kit eliminates engine response delay and can be set by you at various levels to find the one that suits driving conditions best. You can also order only the PEDALBOOSTER to make your car more responsive, but we recommend combining it with CHIPBOX for performance enhancement. The result will amaze you!


How to modify the sound of the Ford Fiesta ST engine

Do you want to talk about the sporty sound of the Ford Fiesta 1.5 ST Ecoboost? The standard electronic management also controls an exhaust valve that modifies the sound of this small but sporty engine. What if you could also intervene in the Fiesta's sound? Well, we inform you that our additional EVC-SPORT kit is also available for this car model, which maximizes your car's sound thanks to the valve opening system. With this kit, you can drive in the city without being noticed by setting the control unit to OFF mode, or you can enjoy the maximum sound by keeping the exhaust valve open by selecting the ON mode. The installation is easy and quick, without any wires to cut or solder, and you can control the valve with the wireless remote control provided.

Quality and know-how Made in Italy

All the kits we've just talked about, the one to increase engine torque and power, the one to make the Fiesta ST much more responsive to accelerator commands, and the EVC-SPORT kit are designed and manufactured with all safety requirements and according to strict TÜV standards. The electronics are produced in Italy with the best automotive components, and SELETRON technology has been highly appreciated in Europe and other countries worldwide for years.

To increase the performance and driving pleasure of your Ford Fiesta 1.5 ST Ecoboost without having to remap the standard ECU and with the ability to put everything back to standard conditions on your own, click here and add your SELETRON kits to your cart >>> https://seletron.com/en/shop/ford/fiesta-vii-2017-/1-5-st-ecoboost-200hp-147kw-1497ccm/

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