#How to increare the power of the Range Rover Sport 3.0D 249hp

31 / January 2023
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How to increare the power of the Range Rover Sport 3.0D 249hp

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Range Rover Sport 2022: How to Increase the Power of the 3.0D 249hp


Here's a luxurious 4-wheel drive vehicle, a 2022 model, therefore very recent, powered by a 3 litre common rail with 249 horsepower and a maximum torque of 600Nm. The torque and power values that, on lighter sedans with a better aerodynamic coefficient, can develop high performance, here on a SUV-Off-road vehicle with a weight of about... let's not say, a maximum speed of just over 200Km/h and a 0-100 acceleration in 8 seconds, a value that makes the Range Rover Sport brilliant but not particularly responsive and not too exciting to drive for those who like a certain accelerator response.


Of course, this engine is not the only one available, the more demanding ones can certainly be satisfied by the more sporty versions powered by engines like the P510e that generates 700Nm and pushes the "Sport" to over 240Km/h with a 0-100 acceleration in just 5.4 seconds. But let's go back to the initial question, how to increase the power of the Range Rover Sport 2022 3.0D 249hp?


We have developed a new specific kit for the 2022 Range Rover Sport capable that significantly increases the performance of the 3 litre turbo diesel. The kit consists of an additional chip tuning unit that is mounted in the engine bay compartment without having to make any modifications, anyone with a minimum of manual skills can connect the connectors in the kit following the clear instructions (bi-lingual) with photos of the 3.0D engine. A very simple and completely reversible operation, before addressing purely technical issues, let's immediately recall some important advantages of this kit:


- the assembly does not require irreversible modifications, everything can quickly return to the original configuration
- the ECU of the 2022 Range Rover Sport is NOT physically touched
- the ECU of the 2022 Range Rover Sport is NOT remapped (otherwise, there would be indelible signs of software tampering)
- the warranty will not get voided
- all safety controls remain under the original ECU
- the increase in power and torque can be controlled from your smartphone!


Yes, you read that right, the CONNECT version of the kit includes a specific APP that allows you to manage the chip tuning unit (therefore the performance) from your smartphone, this means that you are the one who decides the engine power and its response in terms of torque! A great convenience, for example, you could insert the power boost only when you are driving the car and bring it back to the standard performance when it is used by others, but let's see what is achieved on the engine of the Range Rover Sport 3.0D with installation of the CHIPBOX kit.

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Power and torque increase on the 2022 Range Rover Sport with the 3 litre common rail engine


With just a few minutes where you simply attach some connectors to the engine wiring following the clear instructions, you immediately get a power increase of +40hp with a maximum torque increase of +60Nm. This means that the maximum torque goes up to 660Nm with a power not far from 290 hp, values much better suited to move this beautiful traveling lounge with all-wheel drive! The engine responds differently to the accelerator pedal commands thanks to a greater readiness and higher torque values even before the maximum torque regime. The pull becomes more significant, generating more efficient and enjoyable accelerations and pick-ups for the driver of the large SUV. A clean and safe electronic modification, completely reversible and without the classic problems of remapping (loss of warranty, irregular delivery if done by non-experts, etc.).


If you want to increase the power of your Range Rover Sport 3.0D 249hp by installing a do-it-yourself kit without problems and with the possibility of quickly restoring everything to the factory conditions, if you want to be able to manage the power of the 3 litre common rail engine from your Smartphone with a Made in Italy kit and with TUV Austria certification, put the CHIPBOX CONNECT kit in your cart and proceed with the order! Go to the online catalogue >>> https://seletron.com/en/shop/land-rover/


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