#Remapping ECU of the BMW 4 Series

27 / January 2023
Remapping ECU of the BMW 4 Series

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Remapping ECU (electronic control unit) of the BMW 4 Series

The BMW 4 Series is a well-designed and sporty mid-size sedan, if we look at the level of the car we can say that it is a version that is very successful because the line is pleasant, the driving pleasure is not lacking, the technology is high and the availability of engines pleases everyone, whether you are looking for quiet diesel engines or powerful diesel engines, whether you are looking for gasoline engines with medium power, or those who are more demanding who want a very sporty 4 Series!

Indeed, it is immediately clear from the catalog that there is a wide range of performance, from a 418d with only 143 hp to an M4 Competition with 510 hp! The first is powered by one of the many variants of the 2-liter diesel common rail 4-cylinder, while the M4 is powered by one of the most powerful 3-liter turbo gasoline engines with 6 cylinders and 650 Nm of maximum torque! In any case, there are BMW 4 Series buyers who sooner or later feel to increase the power of their beautiful sports sedan, whether it is a diesel or one of the most powerful.

Remapping the BMW 4 Series diesel ECU

To increase the power, torque and therefore the performance of the 4 Series with diesel engine, some owners seek tuners or simple workshops that can perform a remapping of the ECU of their vehicle. Remapping consists in reading the original file of the ECU that controls the engine, changing its parameters and then rewriting the new file. The procedure is done via OBD (on certain models it is necessary to intervene with a more invasive BDM system), and this electronic modification allows an excellent increase in power and torque, that is, an excellent increase in the performance of the 4 Series Diesel.

Remapping the BMW 4 Series turbo gasoline ECU

The considerations about the intervention options are quite similar to the common rail diesel versions, reading the original file of the ECU that controls the engine, changing the parameters of this, then rewriting the new file in ECU. In naturally aspirated gasoline engines it is difficult to achieve high power and torque increases, especially if you do not "open" the engine and do not replace many mechanical components, but in turbocharged engines - as installed in the BMW 4 Series - the margins of power and torque increase are very high, as is the case with diesel engines.

Negative aspects of remapping the ECU of the BMW 4 Series

From a performance point of view, there are no negative aspects if the remapping is done by a professional tuner. These can be found, in the secondary aspects, let us look at some of them. Remapping involves overwriting files that are present in the vehicle's ECU. These files (called maps) contain a large amount of data on fuel injection parameters, phase, boost management, torque limiters, rev rate limiters, thermal parameter controls, variable geometry management of various components, boost, emission control systems and more.

First of all, changing these parameters without specific knowledge of the individual engine can be very risky and lead to damage, but there is another fundamental aspect, which is the fact that rewriting files is indelible, during a technical inspection it can be found that the ECU has been violated, which leads at least to the immediate loss of warranty. In addition, some newer BMW models are able to detect unauthorized changes of files, connect to the BMW's server and automatically restore the files as well remove the warranty. If you are interested in this particular aspect that has scared many BMW owner, also read this article >>> BMW ECU Remote Software updates and loss of warranty

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How to increase BMW 4 Series power without remapping the ECU

You can instantly get a high increase in power and torque safely with the installation of CHIPBOX. You can probably order the kit and install it yourself thanks to the original connectors and simple instructions with specific photos of your Series 4 engine, whether it's a diesel or turbo petrol engine! It's an external digital chip tuning unit (made in Italy with the latest technology for this type of electronic tuning, manufactured with the best automotive components and complete with TUV Austria certification). But let us talk about performance, here are some examples of the power and torque increase on some models of the 4 Series:

BMW 418d 143PS - power increase of 33PS and torque increase of 64Nm

BMW 420d 184PS - power increase of 27PS and torque increase of 60Nm

BMW 428i 245PS - power increase of 30PS and torque increase of 50Nm

BMW 430d 258PS - power increase of 40PS and torque increase of 60Nm

BMW 430i 252PS - power increase of 40PS and torque increase of 60Nm

BMW 435d 313PS - power increase of 59PS and torque increase of 76Nm

BMW 435i 306PS - power increase of 45PS and torque increase of 50Nm

BMW M4 431PS - power increase of 82PS and torque increase of 66Nm

BMW M4 450PS - power increase of 86PS and torque increase of 66Nm

BMW M4 510PS - power increase of 70PS and torque increase of 120Nm

These are just a few examples of torque and power increases on 4 Series petrol and diesel engines with the installation of our additional chip tuning unit. If you have a different model than these, here are the power and torque increase values you can get: >>> https://seletron.com/en/shop/bmw/

Think of the great advantages you have with CHIPBOX:

  • Maximum driving pleasure
  • No irreversible modifications
  • Easy and quick assembly/disassembly
  • High power increase
  • High torque increase
  • Fuel consumption optimisation
  • No loss of warranty
  • All engine controls remain active

With the CONNECT versions of the CHIPBOX you can control the performance of your 4 Series via your smartphone, what are you waiting for?

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