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23 / November 2022
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Chip tuning for Jaguar

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Jaguar Chip Tuning


Jaguar and tuning are an interesting combination. Lately, we see quite a few Jaguars on the road. The latest models, especially SUVs and diesel engines, have probably attracted a wider customer base than a few decades ago. In fact, the choice of offering turbodiesel engines (with good performance) even on sports and otherwise luxury cars has already proven successful with other brands like Porsche and Maserati, to name two important ones. It appears that the same effect has likewise been felt positively by Jaguar.


Speaking of tuning, we have received various from Jaguar owners, for example, for the S-Type model that mounts a 2.7 turbodiesel with 6 V-cylinders and has a standard output of 207 horsepower. On this diesel, for example, our CHIPBOX chip tuning unit gives an impressive increase in power at +39hp, and also the maximum torque rises considerably. The standard value of 435Nm gains a good +87Nm, generously exceeding the 500Nm. You can feel the effect on this luxury sedan, especially in acceleration and recovery.


Another Jaguar model that we have successfully tuned several times is the XF with 180hp 2.0d, a tad underwhelming for the level of the car. With our chip tuning additional unit, we immediately regain a good +30 horsepower and +40Nm of maximum torque, values that greatly improve the performance and elasticity of this car.


The XF with the powerful 300hp 3.0d has also been tuned several times, but we talked about this model a little while ago in a previous specific article. If you own this powerful Diesel car, please go and read the article because it is intriguing and also because this engine is one of the most powerful 3-liter diesels if you exclude BMW's tri-turbo diesels. >>> Here Link for Jaguar XF 3.0d


For the Jaguar X-Type, there is no shortage of requests for increased power. In particular, we have repeatedly worked (even recently) successfully on versions that mount the 130hp 2.0d (in our opinion, a tad undersized for the type of car) on which we easily get +30 horsepower increase and +66Nm of maximum torque (very noticeable!). Another popular engine for the X-Type and for which we receive requests for CHIPBOX kits is the 2.2d with 155hp output. Also, in this case, it receives an increase in power of 29 horsepower with an even more significant increase in maximum torque of 72Nm, which does justice to the X-Type's fine chassis.


On the "gasoline" front, Jaguar has many different engines, both naturally aspirated and supercharged, and for these engines, our PEDALBOOSTER is available to eliminate the delayed response of the powertrain to accelerator pedal commands. The kit is easily installed without altering the accelerator pedal position sensor and can be configured in various modes according to driving conditions, such as for sportier use or city driving. 


Both PEDALBOOSTER and CHIPBOX (for increasing the power of the Jaguar's engine) are available in two versions. If you opt for the top-of-the-range CONNECT version, you will be able to manage the chip tuning additional units from your smartphone by installing a specific APP that we have developed in the SELETRON laboratories. Obviously, this is the top-of-the-line Italian automotive technology applied to electronic tuning. The Bluetooth system allows the chip tuning module to communicate with your smartphone; thus, you can decide what kind of delivery and what power the engine of your Jaguar should deliver from your phone!


Important note. All the kits we offer, including those for Jaguar, are easy to assemble/disassemble and do not require any mechanical or electronic modifications. Everything can be restored to stock condition without leaving a trace. We also remind you that the car's stock ECU is not physically tampered with or hacked through software rewriting (commonly called Jaguar ECU remapping). Installation is accomplished by simply plugging in the genuine connectors included in the wiring harnesses supplied with all our chip tuning units. Installation is made easy by our clear instructions showing photos of the engine of the Jaguar model in question.

As mentioned, the kits are made in Italy, have our official SELETRON warranty, and also feature a TUV Austria certification, further proof of the quality of the available upgrade kits.


To increase the power, torque, acceleration, and recovery of your Jaguar, click here >>> https://seletron.com/en/shop/jaguar/