#Increase the power more than 100hp on BMW M3 Competition G20

23 / November 2022
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Increase the power more than 100hp on BMW M3 Competition G20

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BMW M3 Competition G20: power increase of over 100hp? Yes, we can do it!


The BMW M3 Competition G20 is a genuine sports car with remarkable performance; it is not a car for just anyone. Under the hood pulses a turbocharged 2993cc engine that churns out 510 horsepower with a beauty of 650Nm of maximum torque; do you know what that means? If you drive such an M3, you will surely know. But we're not here to extol the performance of this very sporty sedan (actually, yes, we're here for that, too) but to explain to you how you can achieve a major power increase like the one mentioned in the title of this article, that is, how you can increase the power of the BMW M3 Competition G20 by as much as 100 horsepower!


Let's start with the engine, we mentioned that it is a 3-liter gasoline engine with plenty of power, but it probably could be developed hypothetically using a naturally aspirated engine with very high rpm, but the maximum torque doesn't lie! The 650Nm, which means about 216Nm/liter of specific torque, could only come from a supercharged engine, precisely like this one. And what a supercharger it is; this inline 6-cylinder delivers 510hp at 6250rpm, not low for a mass-produced turbocharged engine. This M3 reaches 100 km/h from a standing start in less than 4 seconds! But as we well know, some drivers always want the most from their cars, and that's why we have developed several tuning kits for this G20; let's take a look at them!



Chip tuning module for increasing the power and torque of the BMW M3 Competition G20


Since the M3 is a modern turbo-petrol engine, it is possible to obtain an outstanding increase in power and torque with a specific version of our (by now well-known) CHIPBOX chip tuning unit, which intervenes on the gasoline injection and boost pressure management by reading and intervening on some engine parameters. The assembly is, as always, simple and reversible, and creates a very exciting increase of a good +70hp and a whopping 120Nm more torque! You should also know that for this M3, you can also purchase the CONNECT version of CHIPBOX that allows you to select the standard power or the +70hp processed power by simply touching your smartphone. And there is so much more...


BMW M3 Competition G20 additional chip tuning unit for increasing reactivity


To increase the response of the M3 G20's powerful engine to accelerator pedal commands, you can count on PEDALBOOSTER, the electronic chip tuning unit that easily attaches to the accelerator pedal and dramatically reduces the response delay to the driver's commands! The M3's enormous torque, which with the CHIPBOX chip tuning module reaches an impressive 770Nm peak, is delivered with a blazing fast response! This electronic accelerator pedal module can also be ordered in a CONNECT version that allows you to select the type of engine response you want simply from the APP installed on your smartphone! Now you might think that's all, as we have discussed 2 really exciting kits, but the surprises for owners of the very sporty M3 are not over. SELETRON is ready to amaze you with two more specific chip tuning kits that will allow you to do what very few can accomplish on this BMW, get ready for these two surprises just for you:



Catalytic converter chip tuning module for the BMW M3 Competition G20


You didn't expect this, did you? We are ready with the specific OBDX kit for this wonderful BMW (sports use only) that allows you to mechanically remove the catalytic converter on the exhaust line by reducing its backpressure! We have worked hard to fine-tune this chip tuner that solves a tricky problem in electronic tuning, the detection (by the M3 ECU) of the absence of the catalytic converter. By working on the pressure imbalance control signals installed on the exhaust line and doing a lot of testing, we were able to simulate the presence of the catalytic converter device at all engine speeds and engine loads preventing the problematic overdrive of the factory ECU. This allows optimal customization of the exhaust system with compelling improvements in power and engine response. This kit is perfect, especially when paired with the other M3 G20 performance-enhancing chip tuning units. We told you there were 2 surprises for your very sporty BMW, here is the second one...


OPF-GPF Emulator chip tuning unit for the BMW M3 Competition G20


Again, it took many hours of testing and development, but we are proud to present you with the new XPF chip tuner that simulates the particulate filter on the BMW M3 Competition G20! A true novelty in the tuning industry, this kit is designed to permanently solve two problems that until recently plagued turbodiesels: excessive backpressure on the exhaust line and FAP and DPF clogging problems. Today, with the spread of direct gasoline injection systems, manufacturers are employing particulate filters for gasoline engines, called OPF or GPF. These limit the performance of engines (especially tuned engines) that require special exhaust line adjustments to generate the full performance afforded by the electronic modifications. Today, SELETRON's XPF kit is ready to be installed on your BMW M3 Competition G20, further evidence of the company's extensive know-how.


In the title, we mentioned a power increase of more than 100 hp. This is possible by installing our chip tuning unit that intervenes on injection and turbo pressure alongside our OBDX and XPF chip tuners, which work together to increase the power of the M3 turbo-petrol by more than 100 hp and more than +120Nm of maximum torque! The reduced exhaust backpressure is only achievable by removing the catalytic converter and the OPF particulate filter. Doing this enables the full power of the supercharged 6-cylinder 3000 to be developed, generating truly impressive performance (especially in acceleration and pickup)! Keep in mind that all the kits mentioned were developed so that you can completely restore the factory standard condition of the M3. It can all be disassembled without leaving a trace on the ECU, which is not possible through ECU remapping.


In summary, your BMW M3 Competition G20 can receive:


A power increase of more than 100hp

A Maximum torque increase of more than 120Nm

An exhaust line backpressure reduction

Increased acceleration

Increased pickup

Increased agility

Optimized gasoline consumption


Check out the chip tuning additional units available for your BMW M3 here, and if you have any questions, contact us. Other clients have already tuned their super sports cars with our electronic tuning kits to their complete satisfaction. Once again, we have provided you the best Made in Italy technology for automotive tuning.


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