#Chip Tuning for 3.0 Turbodiesel

21 / November 2022
Chip Tuning for 3.0 Turbodiesel

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Chip Tuners for 3000 Turbodiesels, 4 engines compared


Let's talk about Audi, BMW, Maserati, and Mercedes. We picked engines with 6 cylinders (but different architectures) and all common-rails with single (generous) turbocharging. Let's see what they look like in general terms, what performance they have, and what performance they can have with the installation of our CHIPBOX chip tuning additional unit.


Audi 3000TDI 245hp Engine


In this comparison, we are dealing with the 2967cc V6 mounted on the A6, which in this power variant (with a single variable geometry turbocharger) has 500Nm of maximum torque. This is a modern common-rail diesel with 4 valves per cylinder and 245hp output, the "less powerful" one in the comparison we are going to make but still capable of excellent performance.


BMW 3.0d 258hp Engine


This engine is the only 3-liter in this comparison with an in-line 6-cylinder architecture. This solution is the only one that does not need countershafts and has perfectly balanced mass in alernating motion. In contrast, the engine is less compact. For example, when fitted on a 5 Series, this 3000 has 258 horsepower and a maximum torque of 540Nm. The injection system is still a common-rail, and the supercharging system makes use of a variable geometry turbocharger with an electrically driven VNT and an air-to-air intercooler.


Maserati 3000 Diesel V6 Engine


This is one of the first Maserati diesel engines and the most powerful in the comparison since it delivers an impressive 275hp despite being a supercharged engine with a single turbocharger. It is installed in the Ghibli, Quattroporte, and Levante and has an architecture similar to the Audi: 6-cylinder V and 4 valves per cylinder. Maximum torque is an impressive 600Nm, the injection system is common-rail, and the supercharging system uses a variable geometry turbocharger with electrically driven VNT placed between the engine banks at the rear.


Mercedes 3.0d V6 265hp Engine


This is one of the most powerful 3-liter turbodiesels with a single turbocharger. It has a displacement of 2987cc and 6 V-cylinders with 1 variable geometry turbocharger with an electrically driven VNT between the rear engine banks. The injection system is also a common-rail, and the power output of this variant is 265hp with a maximum torque of 620Nm, the highest value of the 4 engines compared.



3000 Turbodiesel Chip Tuner Power and Torque Increases


Let's start with the Audi V6, an extremely popular engine mounted on so many Audi sedans and SUVs. Installing the chip tuning additional unit on this engine allows a power increase of as much as 30 horsepower with a power increase of 60Nm, appealing values that significantly increase performance. The 3-liter BMW engine gains even more with an excellent +49 horsepower and +65Nm in torque. Take the sporty Maserati Ghibli Diesel, for example, which, by installing the CHIPBOX chip tuning unit, receives a +25 horsepower increase and a maximum torque increase of 60Nm. These values bring the Ghibli (or the Quattroporte and Levante) to an impressive 300 horsepower with a peak torque of 660Nm! The Mercedes engine also receives an injection of additional power and benefits the most from tuning with the greatest increase in torque and power with an extra +74Nm of maximum torque and a power increase of 50 horsepower!


Clean and reversible tamper-free tuning


The beauty of these tunings is that they are completely safe and reliable, plus they are completely reversible; unlike ECU remapping (operated either through OBD or BDM), here, no evidence left behind, and everything can be restored to stock power and torque. Installation is simple, just hook up connectors that are completely identical to those already on the engine harness, and the CHIPBOX chip tuner (digital chip tuning additional module) works together with the car's stock ECU, increasing power and torque through modified injection and boost management.

All safety controls remain with the ECU, and the engine gains horsepower and newton-metres with excellent performance gains, especially in recovery and acceleration. But that's not all. The 3000 turbodiesels we have mentioned here are all very good engines that already deliver attractive base performances. With the chip tuning additional unit, you can greatly improve performance; with shrewd driving, you can even reduce diesel consumption! You read that right; the altered management of the common-rail system and turbocharger pressure allows you to optimize fuel consumption at partial loads. Thanks to the increased torque at lower engine speeds, more use can be made of the high-range gears resulting in improved mileage with 1 liter of diesel fuel. All this knowing that when you need to, all you have to do is sink your foot on the accelerator pedal to unleash the full power and torque of these excellent 6-cylinder turbodiesels!

Last treat, if you order the CONNECT version of the CHIPBOX chip tuner, you can control your engine performance from your Smartphone! Our APP allows communication between the chip tuning additional unit and your Smartphone so you can select the power and torque values you want. The performance of your Audi, BMW, Maserati, or Mercedes diesel is within reach of your finger on the touchscreen of your cell phone! To increase the performance of your car with a high-quality kit that's Made in Italy and covered by an official SELETRON warranty, TUV Austria certified, and complete with a wiring harness featuring genuine connectors and instructions for easy assembly and disassembly (without irreversible changes).