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Chip Tuning Maserati Ghibli Diesel

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Maserati Ghibli Diesel Chip Tuning Unit

What a sensitive topic! In the same sentence to name both Maserati and diesel, yet for years now, we (at least some of us) have already become accustomed to luxury sports cars with diesel engines; just look at Porsche or even think about the M550d as well as exactly Maserati. Some people continue to think that certain cars should only be equipped with gasoline engines; from a commercial point of view, it seems that this choice was successful, and in fact, on the road, there is no shortage of gas-powered Cayenne Diesel Porsches or Ghiblis or Levantes!

How does the Maserati Ghibli Diesel drive?

Meanwhile, let us say right away that the engine is Italian. In fact, it comes from one of the prides of our country, from VM in Cento, where excellent turbodiesel engines have long been produced (remember the TurboTronic?). This is a 3-liter engine with 6 V-cylinders, a common-rail injection system, 4 valves per cylinder, and a (single) generous turbocharger which is variable geometry, of course. This engine, on which Trident's engineers have also worked to tune, results in prompt and robust delivery, especially in the mid-range. Some people complain of a slight lack of acceleration, but we'll return to that moment. The Ghibli's Diesel delivers a whopping 600Nm at a not-so-low rpm and a maximum output of 275 horsepower at 4000 rpm. With this in mind, one can expect good performance, and in fact, the Ghibli travels at 250Km/h and sprints from zero to one hundred Km/h in 6.3 seconds. The excellent 8-speed automatic transmission contributes to satisfactory acceleration and pickup.

How to tune the Maserati Ghibli 3.0 Diesel?

We said a moment ago that Maserati customers are accustomed to turbocharged or naturally aspirated gasoline engines that certainly do not lack power at the top of the rev counter, here a tiny bit of extra boost wouldn't hurt, but we have the solution for the most demanding looking for safe and effective electronic tuning. A custom version of CHIPBOX is ready to increase the power and torque of the Ghibli Diesel. Before we talk about the performance increases, let us remind you that this 3000 turbodiesel is also offered in a 250 hp reduced version for issues related to high tax costs, and we offer a chip tuning additional unit is also available for this version to increase its thrust!

By installing our upgrade kit, the Maserati Diesel reaches 300hp with a torque increase of a whopping 65Nm, for a total of 665Nm, a remarkable value that gives a very intense boost. Thanks to this power increase, it recovers the grit that the standard engine lacks when approaching the limiter. We should also mention that the excitement also comes from the sound of this engine, which is modified through special acoustic transducers mounted on the exhaust system, a Maserati concept that serves to simulate the sound of a fine Italian V8. In short, the engineers have gone to great lengths to please customers willing to buy a beautiful Maserati Diesel!

We still haven't shown our hand yet with regard to the Trident brand! In fact, you can count on the CONNECT version of our chip tuning additional unit, which allows you to set the power output of your Ghibli from your smartphone! With a simple touch on your cell's screen, you can determine what output your V6 turbodiesel should have! And that's not all because another popular kit is waiting for you to customize your Maserati's power delivery to the maximum. We are talking about the PEDALBOOSTER kit (also orderable in a CONNECT version for smartphone control), which is easily installed on the Ghibli's accelerator pedal and offers you various settings for eliminating the engine's delayed response to the driver's commands! The engine becomes extremely responsive, and the 300 horsepower (and especially the great torque) from the chip tuning unit becomes immediately available for driving!

If you're looking for a smart and fully reversible way to tune your Maserati Ghibli 3.0 Diesel 250/275hp, you've found it. Click on the link to order a high-quality kit made in Italy like your Ghibli, complete with authentic connectors for simple, fast assembly and without any electronic or mechanical modifications. This kit is TUV Austria certified and popular around the world!

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