#BMW 1-Series Chip Tuning - Petrol & Diesel

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BMW 1-Series Chip Tuning - Petrol & Diesel

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BMW 1 Series Chip Tuning additional unit (Petrol and Diesel)

This is an endless topic. If you're looking for a great chip tuner for your BMW 1 Series, whether powered by a petrol (turbo) or turbodiesel engine, we want to tell you in the meantime that you've come to the right place and that you can find the perfect kit to increase the power and torque of your 1 Series in the chip tuning section of our online catalog > https://seletron.com/it/shop/bmw/


Coming back to chip tuning additional modules for BMW 1 Series, the topic is never-ending. This is primarily because BMW is one of the brands we have worked with for well over 20 years! Moreover, as we have become familiar with from BMW, there are so many constantly evolving engines with the related technology always keeping pace with or pulling ahead of the most refined solutions. This means that there are so many 1 Series models on the market and, consequently, so many enhancement kits (we're talking about chip tuning units) available for these little Bavarian cars.


BMW 1 Series Diesel Chip Tuning Units

These are the first ones we dealt with. The 1 Series were practically born with common-rails and have been tuned by us thousands of times, both in Italy (where we manufacture) and abroad. The most tuned engines with our CHIPBOX ECUs in the early years were the 16-valve 2-liter common-rails, especially those with 163hp. In the years following the early versions, other power ratings of the 2-liter turbodiesels were introduced right up to the very frequently tuned bi-turbodiesel version. More recently, the more performance-oriented 2-liters with 177hp, 184hp, and 190hp were added. These have been the subject of continual requests for performance increases. The various 3-cylinder or smaller displacement turbodiesels were also added. Here, too, the demand for additional chip tuners was intense and still is today, partly because those who tried a 1 Series with one of the higher performance diesels but bought a less powerful version often regretted it and sought solutions to safely increase power and torque.


BMW 1 Series Turbo-Petrol Chip Tuning

In recent years, more and more automakers have gone in the direction of downsizing, meaning producing engines that are smaller and more efficient but equally as powerful as or more powerful than their predecessors, which had larger displacement and-often-more cylinders. To progress in this direction, the major automakers have resorted to turbocharging (often twin-scroll), direct petrol injection, and increasingly complex and precise electronic management. In recent years, BMW has produced many turbocharged petrol engines with 3, 4, and 6 cylinders. Also, on injection systems, BMW has come a long way on Otto cycle engines, bringing to market many turbocharged engines with direct petrol injection. This solution allows for better efficiency and means the engine can create stratified charges and work at low loads even without maintaining the classic stoichiometric ratio. It goes without saying that the 1 Series has also benefited from these technologies, and thus there are many versions of the BMW 1 Series with turbocharged petrol engines powered by direct injection. Lo and behold, as this category of engines has become more popular, many requests for electronic tuning with the installation of chip tuners have reached us. Would you like to see a few examples of what can be achieved with our CHIPBOX chip tuning module on the 1 Series?


Series 1 common-rail

BMW 118d 150 Chip Tuner hp power increase +28 hp e +64 Nm torque

BMW 120d 177 Chip Tuner hp power increase +34 hp e +70 Nm torque

BMW 120d 184 Chip Tuner hp power increase +35 hp e +70 Nm torque

BMW 120d 190 Chip Tuner hp power increase +26 hp e +51 Nm torque

BMW 125d 224 Chip Tuner hp power increase +27 hp e +50 Nm torque


Series 1 turbo-petrol

BMW 118i 136 Chip Tuner hp power increase +24 hp e +40 Nm torque

BMW 118i 170 Chip Tuner hp power increase +24 hp e +48 Nm torque

BMW 120i 177 Chip Tuner hp power increase +31 hp e +44 Nm torque

BMW 128i 265 Chip Tuner hp power increase +32 hp e +50 Nm torque

BMW 135i 306 Chip Tuner hp power increase +35 hp e +65 Nm torque


These are only examples, of course, and if you want to boost the performance of your 1 Series, browse our online catalog and search for your specific model to see what upgrade kits are available > https://seletron.com/it/shop/bmw/


Benefits of BMW 1 Series Additional Chip Tuning Units

We want to remind you that all our kits are designed and manufactured in Italy with the highest quality components. SELETRON provides an official warranty on all kits produced. Each 1 Series chip tuner is complete with high-quality automotive wiring harnesses with original BMW connectors meaning you can install the kit without making any changes to the engine wiring. The chip tuner can be assembled and disassembled without leaving a trace and without damaging any part of the engine or electronic management. Remember that we are not talking about remapping the BMW ECU but simply installing an external kit using one of the best chip tuning additional units available in Europe with Plug&Play installation and without the need to make irreversible changes.


The mechanics and the original ECU are unaffected. Everything can return to stock performance without any problems. But that's not all. The chip tuning unit can be switched on and off as you like, especially with the CHIPBOX CONNECT version; you can even use your smartphone to select the standard performance or the tuned performance for your 1 Series! You got it right; the SELETRON CONNECT line of devices can communicate via Bluetooth with your cell phone through an APP that you can easily install. This is a product made in Italy that uses the highest technology available on the market for electronic processing via the installation of an additional chip tuning unit. This is the ideal solution for those who want to increase power and torque safely while maintaining the possibility of restoring everything to factory conditions without worries.


To boost the performance of your turbocharged petrol or diesel BMW 1 Series, search here for your specific model >https://seletron.com/it/shop/bmw/

All kits come complete with original BMW connectors, warranty, and complete instructions with photos unique to your 1 Series engine.



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