#Increase the performance of the Alfa Romeo Mito 1.4 170hp

14 / June 2022
Increase the performance of the Alfa Romeo Mito 1.4 170hp

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Tuning the Alfa Mito 1.4 turbo to nearly 200hp without ECU remapping?


We have already talked about the sporty little Alfa Romeos, both common-rail and Otto cycle engine versions. Today, let's talk about the most powerful Mito 1400 Multiair: the one with 170hp as standard. It is a small sports car that mounts an attractive 1400 turbo engine that is quite old-fashioned, practical, yes, but also attentive to sportiness and driving pleasure. The rpm at which the maximum torque of 250Nm is expressed, or 2500rpm, is already a clue to the difference in output from more modern engines that employ twin-scroll turbines and tend to deliver maximum torque already at engine speeds below 1500rpm (in this respect some turbo-petrols have surpassed turbodiesels).


The Alfa Mito's 1.4 turbo engine also likes to rev high and likes to deliver (with a hint of turbulag) that kick in the back that thrills so many drivers who have gasoline for blood. Still, the Mito does well with its nearly 220Km/h top speed and its 0-100 acceleration in about 7.3 seconds. We, however, have driven it several times electronically tuned with our chip tuning modules and it is something else. Of course, when the boost to the back is generated by 250Nm on a mass of about 1200/1300kg and then you go to 280Nm delivered even faster, things change. The stretch (the engine is fully exploitable up to about 6000 rpm) also benefits, and the 25-horsepower increase is fully felt.


Basically, the Mito starts pushing hard from about 2,000 rpm and then is a joy all the way up to 6,000 rpm. The turbo-lag reduces a little bit at the mid-low revs, but the (sporty) behavior is the same that is in the Alfa's DNA. If you then also install the accelerator pedal chip tuning module, the driving becomes really exciting. The accelerator pedal module reduces the engine's response lag to the driver's commands even more. Installing this kit together with the power and torque increase chip tuning unit, you get a very responsive 1400 turbo engine with a strong thrust. The 0-100 acceleration speed sprint can drop below 7 seconds, and the pickup becomes lightning fast thanks to 280Nm of maximum torque.


In summary, here's how to get almost 200 horsepower on your Alfa Romeo Mito 1.4 Multiair turbo 170hp: simply install the CHIPBOX chip tuning unit. We will remind you that this does not require irreversible modifications. Simply plug in original connectors in the kit to the engine following the clear instructions (complete with photos); a safe, do-it-yourself operation. The chip tuner does not affect the software of the stock Alfa Romeo ECU, no mechanical or electronic modifications are needed, and there is no need to remap the ECU. The external kit can be removed without leaving any traces and returning the Mito's performance to its original condition.


To increase the power of your Alfa Mito 1.4 turbo by +25hp and +30Nm of torque and increase your driving enjoyment, click here >>> https://seletron.com/en/shop/alfa-romeo/mito-9552008-/1-4-multiair-turbo-170hp-125kw-1368ccm/



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