#Chip tunig for the Ford Focus 1.0

30 / May 2022
Chip tunig for the Ford Focus 1.0

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Ford Focus 1.0 Ecoboost Tuning


Here is a fairly common car that mounts a somewhat unusual gasoline engine, at least for the mass of the car. The Ford Focus (which has often been the subject of our tuning for years and on many gasoline and diesel engines) mounts a small 3-cylinder turbo-petrol with several power ratings available.


Let's talk about the Ford Focus 1.0 Ecoboost with 101hp output, a successful car in many respects with a mass of more than 12 quintals. The engine has a displacement of 998cc, a multi-valve cylinder head, and an inline 3-cylinder architecture. Its maximum engine torque is 170Nm, available at 1400rpm, while maximum power is expressed at 4500-6000rpm. The maximum torque value immediately indicates that this is a supercharged engine, and in fact, this engine mounts a small turbocharger.


The Ford Focus 1.0 Ecoboost in this configuration reaches a peak top speed of about 190Km/h with 0-100 acceleration in just over 11 seconds. Based on trials and tests by some drivers, it seems that even the 125hp 1.0 Ecoboost versions (perhaps with a slightly higher mass on certain trims) generate similar performance, both in acceleration and speed. In any case, the Focus has always been a car with an eye for dynamic driving. Even with quiet engines, the Focus has usually used not-too-soft setups that grant some driving fun. However, this 1,000 turbo gasoline is a tad underpowered, or at least some owners think so. They are looking for non-invasive electronic tuning precisely because they know that the turbocharged 3-cylinder can do better. And they are right; it can do better.


Ford Focus 1.0 Ecoboost Chip Tuning


Keep in mind that exciting increases in power and torque can be achieved without remapping the car's standard ECU. Tuning consists of the easy installation of an external chip tuning additional unit that is easily removable without leaving a trace and that simply connects to the engine wiring harness. It works in perfect synergy with the Ford ECU and manages the gasoline injection system and turbo boost pressure differently. One of the advantages of this electronic tuning is the ability to turn the power boost on and off even from your smartphone. That's right, the CHIPBOX chip tuning unit for the Ford Focus 1.0 Ecoboost is also available in a CONNECT version that allows you to control its operation via an APP that you install on your cell phone!



Let's look at the power and torque gains on the turbocharged 3-cylinder gasoline.


With an altered electronic management of fuel supply and turbo pressure, increases of as much as 20hp to 29hp are achieved depending on the engine version. The turbocharged 3-cylinder has a good margin of increase, and this allows for much improvement in acceleration from a standing start, but also, in general, recovery and uphill driving (especially at full capacity). What is interesting is that, with careful driving, you can even optimize gasoline consumption of this engine. This is possible due to the increased torque (up to +45Nm) that allows wider use of high gears in the Focus' gearbox.


To increase driving excitement even more and make the car feel lighter, you can also count on the accelerator pedal chip tuning module. PEDALBOOSTER can also be controlled by a simple wired remote control or from your smartphone like the other chip tuning unit! The electronic accelerator pedal module can be configured in different ways to suit your taste and allows you to eliminate the response delay of the 3-cylinder turbo to accelerator commands. The two kits installed together (CHIPBOX and PEDALBOOSTER) allow you to increase power, torque, acceleration, pickup, and speed, and make driving your Ford Focus 1.0 Ecoboost more of a thrill.


Here's where to order the chip tuning unit for increased power and torque and the chip tuning module to make your Focus more responsive > https://seletron.com/en/shop/ford/