#How to tune your Audi A3 1.4 TFSI 122CV

27 / May 2022
How to tune your Audi A3 1.4 TFSI 122CV

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Audi A3 1.4 TFSI 122hp 1395cc Tuning


The writer is of the personal opinion that the A3, the ones produced since 2012 and the newer ones, are among the Audis with the most personality, greater than the A4 and A6, for example. Let's move on to the technical and engine appeal; that's what we're here for, right?


How does the A3 with 1.4 TFSI 122hp 1395cc engine 200Nm drive?


We are talking about the A3 with 6-speed mechanical transmission. The engine is not large in terms of displacement and is one of Audi's successful turbo-petrol engines. The 200Nm torque is already available at low engine speeds, about 1250 rpm, and remains high up to 4000 rpm. As mentioned in the title, the maximum power of 122 horsepower is expressed at 5000-6000 rpm. The standard top speed of this small Audi A3 TFSI 1.4 is more than 200 km/h, while the 0-100 acceleration is covered in over 9 seconds. This is perhaps the reason why many owners wonder how to tune this 122hp A3 TFSI?


Audi A3 1.4 TFSI 122hp Chip Tuning Additional Unit


As mentioned, while the speed is not bad for an A3 with this powertrain, the acceleration value (and pickup value) is not thrilling with the standard engine. We have repeatedly talked about and admired the margins of power and torque gains that can be obtained on Audi engines with direct gasoline injection and twin-scroll turbocharging. This A3 produced from 2012 onwards is also no exception, and its 1400 turbo can get excellent power and torque gains; how? With Audi's TFSI-specific CHIPBOX chip tuning unit!


The CHIPBOX's simple assembly and we say simple assembly because it is easy and doable by anyone with a little bit of manual dexterity, provides an immediate increase in power and torque of +28hp and +40Nm. These are exciting values with major (positive) effects on the performance of this 1400TFSI. Maximum torque jumps to an impressive 240Nm, and on a relatively light chassis like that of the A3 with a 6-speed transmission, the difference in thrust is remarkable! Power reaches about 150 horsepower with a range unknown to the standard engine. This is a simple and safe tuning that is easy to install and equally easy to restore the original conditions. It requires no electrical or mechanical modifications. This Audi upgrade kit is also assembled by simply plugging the connectors (the same as the original ones) into the engine harness at points well indicated in the instructions included in the kit (complete with photos of your A3 TFSI engine).


Audi A3 Accelerator Pedal Chip Tuning Module


Like all Audi A3 gasoline and diesel cars, the highly appreciated PEDALBOOSTER accelerator pedal chip tuning module is available for this 1400TFSI. What is it used for? It eliminates the annoying delay in engine response to accelerator pedal commands. Available in two versions (one of which you can control from your smartphone!), it can be set to different levels of intervention according to your driving needs. PEDALBOOSTER makes the engine very responsive in terms of delivery (especially when associated with the CHIPBOX chip tuning unit for increased power and torque), giving you a thrilling driving experience! This electronic module is also easily installed without any irreversible modification, and it only takes a few minutes to transform your Audi. With the installation of the engine chip tuning unit + accelerator pedal module, you get:


-           +28hp Power increase

-           + 40Nm Torque increase

-           + Acceleration

-           + Recovery

-           + Speed

-           Fuel consumption optimization

-           Sporty engine response

-           A thrilling driving experience


To increase the power and torque of your Audi A3 1.4 TFSI 122hp 1395cc put the chip tuning enhancement kit and the accelerator pedal chip tuning module in your shopping cart. You will receive the two top-notch kits directly to your door. They are both entirely Made in Italy, complete with an official SELETRON warranty, and come with full photo instructions for easy and safe installation!



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