#Chip tunig for the Mitsubishi L200 2.4 DI-D 154cv

Chip tunig for the Mitsubishi L200 2.4 DI-D 154cv

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Chip Tuning Additional Units for the Mitsubishi Off-Road L200 2.4 DI-D 154hp


The Mitsubishi L200 immediately springs to mind when talking about off-road vehicles. We have tuned this valuable vehicle many times, starting as early as several years ago when it was fitted with the 4-cylinder 2500 powered by an electronically controlled rotary injection pump. We have done this very often and still happen to supply or directly install additional VP37 chip tuners to upgrade this turbodiesel.


Today we shall focus on a more recent version, the L200 V version, the one that mounts the 4-cylinder 2442cc with 154hp, a more modern injection system, and 380Nm torque. The maximum power is expressed at a lower rpm than the average of normal cars we usually discuss at 3500 rpm. The torque, far more important on this type of car, has a more normal rpm, ranging from 1500 to 2500rpm.


When we are dealing with off-road vehicles, torque is the most important factor. This L200 is equipped (obviously) with all-wheel drive and a transmission equipped with creeper gears. It has high ground clearance and is, in our opinion, one of the best off-roaders in this category. It weighs more than 17 quintals in working order, and as far as performance on the road is concerned, it doesn't really wow.



Off-road tuning for the Mitsubishi L200 2.4 DI-D 154hp


With SELETRON, everything becomes easier off-road (and beyond). As mentioned earlier, torque is very important for these kinds of cars, especially when they are used off-road in the harshest conditions. In these conditions, the available driving force, especially when full, allows for a less strenuous use of the engine and more comfort and safety. By installing the CHIPBOX kit specifically for the turbodiesel in this L200 V, a significant increase of up to 60Nm in maximum torque is immediately achieved! The final value reaches 440Nm with remarkable elasticity and ease in overcoming inclines. Power also increases greatly, by +29hp. With these values, the 2400 4-cylinder turbodiesel moves the mass of the Mitsubishi L200 as if it were much lighter.


The electronic accelerator pedal chip tuning module can also be installed to further improve engine response. Like the power-boost kit, this chip tuner is also easily installed without any modifications and makes driving much more pleasant. The module in question is the well-known PEDALBOOSTER, an chip tuning additional unit that is very popular not only in Italy (where it is produced with the best components) but also abroad, particularly in Europe and South Africa, where off-road driving is of considerable importance. The purpose of PEDALBOOSTER is to eliminate the annoying delay in engine response to accelerator pedal commands. The response becomes virtually immediate. To find out all the benefits of this chip tuner, we invite you to search for your car model in the online catalog!


We would like to point out that the same chip tuners, the power booster and the one for the accelerator pedal, are also available for the L200 with the 181hp and 430Nm maximum torque engine (and the same 2442cc displacement). The considerations are the same, and again, the achievable increases in power and torque are +29hp and +60Nm.


To see the upgrade kits available for your Mitsubishi, click here: https://seletron.com/en/shop/mitsubishi/


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