#Golf 8 GTI 2.0TSI from 245hp to 290hp without ECU remapping?

Golf 8 GTI 2.0TSI from 245hp to 290hp without ECU remapping?

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Golf 8 GTI 2.0TSI 245hp with the performance of a Golf R


Here we are again talking about a beautiful multi-purpose sports car, the Golf 8 (CD), which apparently does as well in the city as on the road or the track. It runs on one of the many variants of the 2-liter turbo gasoline already employed on other VWs and Audis. This 4-cylinder has a 16-valve cylinder head with twin overhead camshafts and is laterally installed with the turbocharger towards the cabin and the intake manifolds towards the front. The fuel injection system is a direct injection (gasoline), and in this configuration, the 2-liter TSI delivers 245hp with a peak torque of 370Nm. With these numbers, the Golf reaches 250Km/h top speed and accelerates from 0 to 100 in about 6.3 seconds. Apparently, however, there are competitors (costing no more than this Golf 8 GTI) that have significantly more power. Here's where the sportier folks begin to look to electronic tuning to increase the power output of the GTI FSI.



How to tune the Golf 8 GTI 2.0TSI from 245hp to 290hp without remapping the ECU?


Let's start with a little hint. What if you could select a +46hp power increase with +55Nm of torque from your smartphone? You can. But we'll get to that in a moment. First, let's talk about the tuned engine. We have said that this engine is fitted with a direct gasoline injection system, so electronically intervening on this system and adjusting the boost pressure provided by the turbocharger, you get fantastic increases in power and torque. As we have seen, the power output is around 290 horsepower while the peak torque reaches 425Nm, a very high value that provides considerable back thrust. Acceleration and pickup completely change, and the engine pushes hard before 2000 rpm and continues pushing very hard well beyond 6000 rpm. We mentioned that you could control the engine power from your smartphone, but how?


This electronic tuning is not based on reprogramming the VW Golf's standard ECU. It is not the classic remapping via OBD or BDM; instead, it is simply the (quick and easy) installation of an external digital chip tuning module that works in perfect harmony with the Golf GTI's standard ECU. The chip tuning additional unit is installed without making any modifications; as mentioned many other times, it is a non-invasive and completely reversible process. The chip tuner can be removed at any time without leaving any evidence. Different turbo pressure injection management allows increases of 55Nm and 46 horsepower on the delivery curve of the 2-liter turbo-petrol FSI.

See how in a few minutes you can install the CHIPBOX in your VW Golf 8 GTI

It is a clean job, easy to install, and easy to disassemble. This chip tuning module is also available in the CONNECT version, which allows you to communicate with the chip tuner via your cell phone by simply installing an APP provided by SELETRON. At any time, by opening the APP, you can select the standard power of the Golf GTI or the increased power of 290hp and 425Nm of maximum torque! Impressive right?


That's not all. You can increase the pleasure of driving even more by installing a second kit. You can also install the electronic module that easily mounts on the accelerator pedal and reduces the reaction time of the Golf GTI's engine to accelerator pedal commands. If you would like to find out more about this additional kit (which is called the PEDALBOOSTER and which can be installed with great success together with the CHIPBOX chip tuning additional unit), please also read this article > Chip tuning units for the accelerator pedal


Returning to our electronic tuning of the Golf 8 GTI 2.0TSI 245hp, let's summarize what you can safely achieve with the possibility of restoring everything to stock conditions without leaving a trace:


-           +46hp Power increase

-           +55Nm Torque increase

-           Optimized gasoline consumption

-           Increased acceleration

-           Improved recovery

-           Sportier power delivery

-           Do-it-yourself assembly/disassembly

-           No mechanical modifications

-           No irreversible modifications

-           No ECU remapping

-           Maximum throttle pedal response (by also installing PEDALBOOSTER)

-           Power control from your smartphone (with the installation of the CHIPBOX CONNECT version)



To increase your VW Golf 8 GTI 2.0TSI 245hp to 290hp, click here >>> https://seletron.com/en/shop/vw/golf-viii-cd-2019-/gti-20-tsi-245hp-180kw-1984ccm/

You can order both kits and install them yourself without irreversible changes, with the possibility of returning everything to its original factory condition. The kits are manufactured in Italy with the best automotive components and come with an official SELETRON warranty. They also have the important TUV Austria certification. All kits come complete with instructions, including photos of the specific engine and wiring harnesses with original connectors.


Chip Tuning for VW Golf 8 GTI