#Kia PROCEED 1.6 GT da 204cv tuned

04 / May 2022
Kia PROCEED 1.6 GT da 204cv tuned

Seletron Performance

KIA PROCEED 1.6 GT tuned from 204hp to 234hp. Remapping? No, a chip tuning unit.

This PROCEED 1.6 GT was quite a surprise. We were not used to sporty KIAs, and this one is certainly sporty in many ways. Not only because of the engine, which we will talk about in a moment, but the trim, wheels, and brakes have also been completely revised to match the character and true performance. Indeed, this is a sporty midsize capable of reaching 230Km/h top speed with a zero-hundred sprint in less than 7.5 seconds, all with a 1600 turbo.

Opening the hood shows the transversely mounted 4-cylinder with the intake ports toward the front and the twin-scroll turbine at the rear, near the passenger compartment. The intercooler is provided, of course, and there are 4 valves per cylinder. The gasoline injection system is a direct type called Gdi. The power output of this turbocharged 1600 is 204hp expressed at about 5500 rpm, while the maximum torque is 265Nm available as early as 1750 rpm over a wide range.

This engine is not easy to electronically tune, and some tuners have realized this. You may be wondering if we are talking about OBD remapping, but as the title says, we are not talking about that. Here we have developed a specific CHIPBOX version (not only the software but also the hardware) that goes to work on the direct gasoline injection system and the supercharger system by going to precisely and specifically increasing the turbo pressure. Working on this engine-as mentioned-is not easy; its particular management electronics require various tests and special tuning. The kit is ready to increase the power and torque of your KIA PROCEED 1.6 GT. By how much? Let's talk about it now.

Without having to remap the KIA's ECU, let alone tamper with it to work using BDM, we propose a simple installation kit consisting of a specific digital chip tuner and automotive-specific wiring harnesses with connectors that are perfectly compatible with those on the engine harness of the 1600 KIA. Anyone can do the assembly with a tiny bit of manual dexterity. There is also no need to make any mechanical modifications on this sporty little car nor to reprogram the engine control unit, and you just have to connect the wiring inside the engine compartment as clearly indicated in the instructions, including photos that come directly to your door in the kit.

Everything can be removed easily and without a trace. But now we come to the increase in power and torque. Once placed on the dyno, the car registered +30hp on the power curve and +53Nm on peak maximum torque. This means that the KIA PROCEED 1.6 GT exceeded 230hp with a maximum torque of 316Nm, which is higher than that generated by a 3000 gasoline-aspirated car! And you really feel the difference! The mass of about 13 quintals is propelled forward vehemently when the accelerator pedal is pressed... and since we mentioned the accelerator pedal, we must tell you that our (now famous) PEDALBOOSTER is available.

To increase the responsiveness of your PROCEED 1.6 GT, you can also order PEDALBOOSTER, a chip tuning module that easily connects to the accelerator pedal making the 1600 turbo much more responsive. Keep in mind that both PEDALBOOSTER and the CHIPBOX kit can be quickly removed to bring everything back to stock performance without leaving a trace. CHIPBOX + PEDALBOOSTER make your PROCEED 1.6 GT much quicker and lively thanks to the improved power-to-weight ratio, the increased torque available even at low to medium RPMs, and the engine's responsiveness to throttle pedal commands.

The cherry on top is that you can decide what power your PROCEED 1.6 GT should deliver right from your smartphone! Just order the CONNECT version of the chip tuner and use the special APP designed by SELETRON to control your chip tuners from your cell phone. Impressive, isn't it? Let's do a little summary of what you can get with our electronic tuning kit for the KIA PROCEED 1.6 GT 204hp:


-           +30hp increase

-           Aumento di coppia +53Nm torque increase

-           Faster 0-100 acceleration

-           Maggiore ripresa in tutte le marce

-           Optimized fuel consumption

-           Increased engine response

-           More enjoyable driving experience

-           No mechanical modifications

-           No violation of the KIA's ECU

-           DIY installation and removal

-           Complete kit with original connectors and instructions

-           Chip Tuner Made in Italy

-           Official SELETRON warranty and TUV Austria certification


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