#BMW 550d 400hp: The world's most powerful 3000 Diesel

01 / April 2022
BMW 550d 400hp: The world's most powerful 3000 Diesel

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The world's most powerful 3000 Diesel: BMW 550d 400hp


Did they go too far at BMW? Recall that BMW's first 6-cylinder 3-liter common-rail, the one initially installed in the 530d E39, had 184hp. After a short time, the enhanced 193hp version arrived. Then they switched to the new 2993cc that featured a different common-rail injection system, different turbocharger, different timing set-up, and different electronics. The power increased to 218hp on the 530d E60-E61, then and on later models, BMW increased the power to 235hp, 245hp, and more recently also to 258hp and 265hp, again with single-stage supercharging.


The first 3-liter Diesel with sequential bi-stage turbocharging was the 272hp 535d, the first 3000 common-rail 6-cylinder in the world to have a small turbocharger for low revs and a large turbocharger for mid to high revs. This is not a simple parallel twin-turbo version, where two equal turbochargers share the load, but a more complex system in which the ECU can divert exhaust gases to the small turbine only, the large turbine only, or both turbines. The ducts of the two compressors are connected in parallel or selected individually according to the engine speed. This engine already has an exhilarating performance unheard of in other 3000 diesels, but BMW increased its output shortly thereafter to 286hp, then to 300hp, and to 313hp. The electronic tuning of these engines brings tremendous satisfaction, and our additional chip tuners provide power increases of 50hp on some of these 3.0 diesels.


Then it goes overboard. BMW switched to tri-turbo and produced another specific power record with the 3000 common-rail mounted under the hood of the 550d X-Drive with 381hp and 740Nm of maximum torque! This is a Racing Diesel capable of delivering high power at relatively high revs for a turbodiesel. The small turbines become 2; these can work at low RPM and medium RPM, while at higher RPM, only the big turbocharger works. Again, a complex set of pneumatic valves controlled by the ECU manage the exhaust gas flows and the compressed air flows from the three centrifugal compressors. The performance is top-notch, as is the technology employed. But BMW did not stop there and created yet again something unprecedented. The sequential supercharging system increased to 4 turbochargers, power increased to 400hp, and maximum torque peaked at 760Nm available in a range from about 2000rpm to about 3000rpm. Maximum power is expressed at 4400 rpm.


How does the 400-horsepower BMW 550d X-Drive perform? And how can its performance be increased?


It goes hard. The maximum torque is truck-like, not car-like, and the power speaks for itself. 400 horsepower is a lot, and the 550d accelerates from zero to one hundred kilometers per hour in just 4.4 seconds in the sedan body version. The top speed is "only" 250Km/h because it is auto-limited by the engine control unit. The thrust of this 3000 diesel is impressive, but as we have become accustomed to seeing by now, there are always some very discerning drivers who always demand more. So, albeit somewhat in astonishment, we find ourselves having to answer the question of some very demanding BMWists, "How can I increase the power and performance of my BMW 550d X-Drive?"


CHIPBOX is there for you, specifically configured to increase the power output of this four-turbo common-rail. It does this by intervening on the injection system and the management system of the many turbines. The result is a power increase of +40hp and a maximum torque increase of +80Nm, for a total of 840Nm (yes, you read that right, eight hundred and forty newtonmeters)!


We won't answer if you ask how the processed 550d performs. We can just tell you where you can find the dedicated electronic tuning kit for your 400hp BMW 550d X-Drive, here >>> https://seletron.com/en/shop/bmw/5-series-g30-g31-2017-/m550d-xdrive-400hp-294kw-2993ccm/


By the way... keep in mind that you can manage the performance of your 550d X-Drive from your smartphone if you order the CONNECT version of CHIPBOX. This is done thanks to a special App available to you. Really, it's not worth wasting words to say anything but 440hp and 840Nm.



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