#Chip tuning units for the accelerator pedal; what advantages do they have?

21 / December 2021
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Chip tuning units for the accelerator pedal; what advantages do they have?

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What are chip tuning units for the accelerator pedal?

These are chip tuning modules that serve to improve (and by a lot!) the response of the accelerator pedal. This means that when driving, the engine will be faster in delivering the thrust when you press the accelerator pedal, providing a more sporty response, making it more reactive and engaging to drive. The kit simply eliminates the accelerator pedal lag improving its response, so it does not change the performance of the engine and has no impact on its lifespan.


How are chip tuners for the accelerator pedal installed?

Very simple. Our accelerator pedal chip tuning modules (called Pedalbooster®) connect simply and quickly to the connector on the accelerator pedal sensor. Installation requires no modifications and no cutting wires or connecting cables. Everything can be detached in a few minutes, e.g., for use in another car with the same type of accelerator pedal sensor.


How do accelerator pedal chip tuning modules work?

Our Pedalbooster® is available in two different versions. Pedalbooster® Touch lets you choose between three different pre-set modes and PLUS mode with a simple touch. The simple and clear interface makes it quick and easy to change the setting according to your taste and the type of route you are driving. With the Pedalbooster® Connect chip tuner, you can increase the responsiveness of the accelerator pedal up to 100% directly from your smartphone! With the dedicated App, you can synchronize the add-on module with your smartphone and customize the pedal response at any time through the user-friendly interface.


See how in a few minutes you can install the PEDALBOOSTER in your car

Do accelerator pedal chip tuners void your car's warranty?

No. It is an external electronic module that does not modify or tamper with the engine or the car's stock ECU in any way. No irreversible changes are needed, and everything can be mounted and dismounted easily. The warranty of the car is not compromised at all. The maximum injection parameters are not changed, and therefore the polluting emissions are not increased.


Can accelerator pedal chip tuning units damage your engine?

Absolutely not. Pedalbooster® acts on the accelerator pedal position sensor signals and intervenes on engine responsiveness by modifying these signals appropriately. It is as if you pressed the accelerator pedal much faster. Nothing at all changes in the engine, and it is not possible to damage it with any setting you decide to use.


Do accelerator pedal chip tuners increase fuel consumption?

No. Pedalbooster® does not affect fuel consumption. Since Pedalbooster® has no influence on the engine efficiency and on the maximum power and torque values, it cannot increase or reduce fuel consumption on its own. Only your driving style (with or without the accelerator pedal module on) can influence fuel consumption.



Can accelerator pedal chip tuners or modules be used on turbo cars?

Of course. Pedalbooster® can be installed on all gasoline or diesel cars, naturally aspirated or turbocharged. The device is perfectly suited for all types of cars, from sports cars to small cars, from SUVs to off-road vehicles, and from commercial vehicles to motorhomes. Pedalbooster® is also perfect for bi-fuel and electric cars. If you can find it in the catalog for your car, you can proceed with the order with great confidence!


Advantages of chip tuning modules for accelerator pedals

Pedalbooster® increases the responsiveness of the accelerator pedal, reducing the delay due to natural human movement. It makes your driving safer in all situations. You can instantly choose the driving style that best suits your needs from City, Sport, or Race at the touch of a button. In PLUS mode, you can customize the response of the accelerator pedal up to 100% and adapt it to your driving style. Original connectors make installation quick and easy. Follow the illustrated instructions and get your driving back on track. It only takes a few minutes! With the Pedalbooster® Connect accelerator pedal module, you can install the App directly on your cell phone, so you can instantly choose the driving style that best suits your needs, wherever you are.


Safety of accelerator pedal chip tuners

Thanks to the collaboration with trusted partners, Pedalbooster® is tested and proven in different countries around the world, confirming its performance even in the most extreme conditions. It is completely made in Italy. From design to development, the entire production process takes place in the Seletron factory. As already said, the accelerator pedal module does not alter the safety values and does not modify the car's power parameters. Therefore, it is not necessary to carry out an inspection once installed, and the insurance coverage remains valid. Pedalbooster® is certified and manufactured according to the electromagnetic compatibility standards ECE R10-04.


Assistance for accelerator pedal chip tuning units

Whichever product you choose, Seletron assures you the best possible assistance, helping you whenever and wherever you are, to guarantee your maximum satisfaction, from the moment of purchase to the eventual return or repair under warranty. Pedalbooster® is also TUV Austria certified and therefore complies with the strictest safety and electromagnetic compatibility requirements to offer you the highest degree of reliability and safety.


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