#Audi – BMW – Mercedes, chip tuning modules compared

Audi – BMW – Mercedes, chip tuning modules compared

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Audi – BMW – Mercedes, 3 cars and chip tuning modules compared


Today we had a wild hair to compare three outstanding cars with a lot in common in terms of engines and performance. All three vehicles can be purchased with full-time all-wheel drive and belong to similar categories of automobiles and levels of prestige.

These are three fast turbodiesels, and it's time to introduce them to you.

We have compared these three cars in terms of their standard performance and the increase in power and torque possible using one of our chip tuning additional units. If you have one of these cars or are considering purchasing one, you won't be disappointed, no matter which of the three you choose. Now, let's look at the three cars:


1. Audi A4 2.0TDI 190hp

2. BMW 320d 190hp

3. Mercedes C220 170hp


As we mentioned before, these are three excellent cars, but looking at them, you immediately notice a difference in maximum power. It is obvious that the Mercedes lacks 20hp compared to the others, and it isn't clear if it will be able to compete with the other two German cars, also considering that its engine is less modern than the 2-liter Audi and BMW?

Let's find out.

Che prestazioni hanno queste A4, 320d e C220d

Going by alphabetical order, we will start with the A4 2.0TDI.


Audi A4 2.0TDI 190hp Performance


This is an excellent 2-liter 4-cylinder engine with 4 valves per cylinder. We have already talked about this engine other times (if you follow our NEWS section, you will have seen other stories), and we will surely talk about it other times.

Getting back to the engine, this turbodiesel is a common-rail and has a variable geometry turbocharger like the other two cars.

This A4 has an air-to-water intercooler (like the Mercedes), a setup that has certain advantages.

Looking at the numbers, it has 190hp with a maximum torque of 400 Nm, a torque value shared by the other two cars.

The model being compared has a 7-speed automatic transmission and full-time all-wheel drive.

The A4 TDI 190hp reaches a maximum speed of 231Km/h and accelerates from zero to 100Km/h in about 7.5 seconds (numbers that may vary slightly depending on the configuration and the tires).


BMW 320d 190hp Performance

The engine seems like a copy of the Audi engine. It has the same power, and the same torque, the same displacement, the same engine layout and the same architecture (again 4 cylinders in-line with 4 valves per cylinder and two overhead cam axles), the same high-pressure injection system, the same supercharger system and... look at that, almost the same performance.

Also here, the data can vary a little bit based on the type of tires and rims, the automatic transmission on this BMW is 8-speed, but the top speed and acceleration are comparable:

the maximum speed is 235Km/h, and the 0-100 is covered in about 7.3 seconds!


Mercedes C220d 170hpPerformance

As mentioned, this C220d lacks 20hp compared to the others. Looking at the engine mounted inside, it has an architecture with 4 in-line cylinders mounted lengthwise. It has four valves per cylinder, moved by a double overhead camshaft.

The injection system is again a common-rail, and there is a variable geometry turbocharger with electric drive like the Audi and the BMW.

As mentioned, this engine has a special air-to-water intercooler, and although it has less power than the other two cars under review, it has a little bit more displacement, 2143cc to be precise.

The maximum torque value is identical at 400Nm, and the automatic transmission has 7 gears and a full-time four-wheel drive.

But how does this Mercedes fare when it comes to the two classic figures of top speed and acceleration with 20 less horsepower?

We can say that it does well: 234Km/h peak and 0-100 covered in 7.4 seconds, values completely aligned to those of 320d and A4 with 190 horsepower available.

It seems like the 2200 Mercedes paired with the 7-speed automatic transmission, despite being a less modern engine that has recently been replaced by new 2-liter units on many of the company's models, manages to do a good job.

Remember that the same engine is also in circulation with bi-turbocharging and 204hp power, but we wanted to compare 3 cars with the same type of supercharging and more or less similar displacement.


Audi – BMW – Mercedes Chip Tuning Additional Units


As we promised at the beginning of this article, we also want to compare the power and torque increases of our turbocharger chip tuning units for turbodiesels on these 3 cars. There is no shortage of Audi, BMW, and Mercedes owners who want to increase their engines' power and performance.

Here too, we have 3 strong frames with equally strong setups, and the four-wheel-drive allows the full exploitation of the potential of the three turbodiesels, and the most demanding drivers often want to ask more from their German engines. They are also aware of the margin of increase that these excellent common-rail engines can provide if processed with a decent chip tuning module.

Among other things, SELETRON is an Italian brand that is very appreciated in Germany and in other countries around the world, but let's go back to what our chip tuning additional units can do.


Chip Tuning Unit Installation Audi – BMW – Mercedes

In all three cases, it is easy and fast to install our additional Chipbox chip tuning units. What is even more important in today's world is that there is no need for mechanical changes or tampering with the ECU that manages the engines on the Audi, BMW, and Mercedes.

All you have to do is plug in the connectors, which are very similar to those on the engine. The connectors are included in the kit that you receive directly at home, and installation is simply a matter of connecting the chip tuning unit to the sensors that manage the diesel injection system and the supercharging system.

As said, this is a simple and reversible operation, and everything can be restored to stock conditions without leaving a trace. Now, let's get to the numbers you've probably been waiting for since you started reading, namely:

What power increase can you achieve when installing the CHIPBOX chip tuning unit for Audi – BMW – Mercedes?

You will soon be satisfied if you order the SELETRON kit from the catalog for your car. You will receive an elegant package at home that includes:


1. Chip tuning additional unit, already programmed

2. Cables for quick installation without modifications

3. Complete installations instructions in Italian and English

4. Stickers and various accessories


Just a few minutes to install, and your car gains power and torque. This simple chart compares the numbers of these three cars. Ready? Let’s take a look:


Audi A4 2.0TDI 190hp Power increase

Power increase +26 hp

Maximum torque increase + 60Nm

Standard power 190 hp

Tuning power 216 hp

Standard tuning 400Nm

Tuning torque 460Nm

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BMW 320d 190hp Power increase


Power increase +35 hp

Maximum torque increase + 55Nm

Standard power 190 hp

Tuning power 225 hp

Standard tuning 400Nm

Tuning torque 465Nm

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Mercedes C220 170hp Power increase


Power increase +27 hp

Maximum torque increase + 64Nm

Standard power 170 hp

Tuning power 197 hp

Standard tuning 400Nm

Tuning torque 464Nm

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As you can see, if you want to increase the power of your A4, 320d, or C220d, you can count on our chip tuning additional units that can provide a power increase ranging from 26 hp to 35 hp, depending on the model with torque increases between 60Nm and 65Nm.

It is evident that with these new values of maximum power and torque of over 460Nm, the three cars compared all gain a good boost in terms of acceleration and recovery. Thanks to the all-wheel drive that controls skidding in full acceleration, these values can be fully exploited.

For the cars in question, we can also provide PEDALBOOSTER, a second chip tuning module that quickly mounts on the accelerator pedal position sensor and reduces engine response delay to the accelerator pedal commands.

PEDALBOOSTER is a great kit to combine with CHIPBOX. As we explained earlier, the chip tuning additional unit mounted on the engine harness gives impressive increases in power and torque, while the second chip tuning unit for the accelerator pedal makes the engine extremely prompt to the power requirements of the driver.

In fact, with standard engines, there is a normal (but annoying) delay between the accelerator pedal command and the actual torque output of the engine. PEDALBOOSTER eliminates this delay and has various settings (City, Sport, Race, Plus) to adapt to different operating conditions.

PEDALBOOSTER is available in two versions, one that is controlled by a simple button and wire, and another controlled directly from your smartphone via the download of a special App.


If you want more details on how the accelerator pedal chip tuning unit works, look here:


>>> https://seletron.com/en/chiptuning/pedalbooster-touch


>>> https://seletron.com/en/chiptuning/pedalbooster-connect



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