#How the increase the AUDI Q5's power?

How the increase the AUDI Q5's power?

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How the increase the AUDI Q5's power

As those who follow our Blog/News will already know, Audi is one of the brands we have the most experience with and on which we have done the most tuning. This is partly because we particularly like this car manufacturer and partly because AUDI has produced a wide variety of models with a large variety of engines that are often benchmarks for reliability and performance. The fact is that the SUV Q5 has been a resounding success, and there are many requests for chip tuning additional units to increase the power of the Q5. As for other AUDI models, there are many requests for other engines, but we would like to make a short ranking of the ones most frequently requested for upgrade. These are just some of the most requested, but we can say that we have sold many chip tuning modules to increase the power and torque of Q5 with the 2 liter TDI 177hp and 190hp, and Q5 with turbocharged gasoline direct injection engine, especially the 211hp and the 252hp.

How can you increase the power of your AUDI Q5 2.0TDI 177hp?

This Q5 TDI is one of the most popular and mounts an excellent 2-liter turbodiesel with 4 valves per cylinder and a common-rail injection system. We have already seen it hundreds of times on A4 and other models of the VAG group. It already has good standard features, 177hp of maximum power and 380Nm of torque. The Q5 with this engine is a good starting point. Still, the AUDI all-wheel drive always makes you want something more because it is virtually impossible for it to lose control. However, taking just a few minutes to install our CHIPBOX enhancement unit, which we will never get tired of saying, does not require any mechanical or electronic modifications to the engine; you can immediately get a substantial increase in power and torque. Values can reach 436Nm of torque with increases of a good 30 horsepower! Obviously, the Q5 with these values of torque and over 200 hp of maximum power becomes more enjoyable to drive and can give far more powerful SUVs a hard time.

How to increase the power of your AUDI Q5 2.0TDI 190hp?

Those who bought the Q5 TDI in later years will find an improved and upgraded variant of the already mentioned 2-liter engine under the hood. Here the standard power is 190 hp, and with our chip tuning module, you can reach power peaks of over 220 hp. The increase in power generated by CHIPBOX on this TDI is, in fact, very high, more than 36 hp. The most impressive data, however, is the torque. This 16-valve common-rail starts well with 400Nm, but with our chip tuning unit, you can reach 480Nm, so just imagine the performance.

How to increase the power of your AUDI Q5 2.0TFSI 211hp?

Much like others, this Q5 turbo gasoline looks like the direct competitor of the GLC 250. The two engines are practically identical in size and have the same power, torque, and type of injection system. It's a 2-liter 16-valve engine with direct gasoline injection, turbocharger, and intercooler. The standard power is 211hp with maximum torque of 350Nm, the same values as the Mercedes. The same argument applies here as for the Q5 TDI 177 hp; the power is there, and the delivery is very different from the turbo diesel, but the automatic transmission and Quattro traction AUDI always ask for more. SELETRON provides you with a special chip tuning module for turbocharged engines with direct petrol injection that can immediately raise the power to 251 horsepower (+40 hp increase) and, most importantly, raises the maximum torque of 70 Nm bringing its maximum value to 420 Nm. This is a 4-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine, and these values are able to offer a pleasant driving experience and remarkable sportiness!

How to increase the power of your AUDI Q5 2.0TFSI 252hp?

Here too, the power and torque values make the Q5 an excellent starting point in terms of electronic tuning. Here too, we are at the umpteenth comparison with Mercedes, which on the GLC (but also on other models) has made 2-liter turbo gasoline with similar performance available. In fact, even GLC is on the market with the 2000 gasoline direct injection with 245 hp or 258 hp. CHIPBOX can also generate increases in power and torque similar to what we have already seen on the 211hp versions, and the final values are much higher. It goes without saying that the Q5 equipped with the 2-liter 252hp engine powered by SELETRON becomes a medium SUV with very high performance. We would like to remind you that also, for all Q5s, we can supply a chip tuning module for the accelerator pedal that further increases the driving pleasure by reducing the accelerator pedal response delay to a minimum, both on TDI and TFSI versions. All kits come complete with instructions for easy assembly and do not require any irreversible changes.


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